August 25, 2008

Contest: Yankee Elimination Day

Pick the day on which the Yankees' 2008 season will end and win a brand-new, unopened 6-DVD set of "The Essential Games Of Fenway Park"*.

The Yankees are 70-60 -- 9.5 GB in the East and 5 GB in the WC. They have 32 games remaining. They could be eliminated in September during the regular season. They could make the playoffs and be eliminated sometime in October (if so, nailing that date will be tricky, with the many off-days). If they win the World Series, the clinching date would be the "elimination" day.

LISTEN CAREFULLY! Your entry must contain answers to all three of the following questions. If you answer only one or two of the questions, you have not entered the contest.

Send me an email with your guesses of:
Q: Date on which the 2008 NYY season ends?

#1 Tiebreaker: Number of 2008 regular season NYY wins?

#2 Tiebreaker: What will be last game the 2008 Red Sox win? (examples: G160, ALDS 4, WS7)
If someone submits the exact same entry as someone else, I'll email the second person to let them know. The contest is open until the end of this week's Red Sox-Yankees series (end of game on Thursday afternoon, August 28). Have fun and good luck!

[*: As I posted here, this set is far from perfect. But it's certainly worth an email!]


redsock said...

Two early observations:

The first 2 entries were nearly identical (2nd tiebreaker was slightly different).

3 of the first 5 entries were from guys named Jeff.

L-girl said...

Off-topic, but definitely related. A new tool for Joy Nation: the mean name generator.

Jere said...

The tie-breakers will definitely come into play in this contest. Hey, why did people enter so early? I'm waitin', yo. But my entry will add to the four-letter names that start with LBJ. I mean, JE.

Jere said...

(you larddonged clamshoveler)

yes, "dong" is in their database.

Zenslinger said...

Based on probabilities and such, I can imagine these entries being very tightly grouped.

redsock said...

ACK! Did I eff up?

Should I have asked for "last Red Sox game" rather than "last Red Sox win"?

Oh well.

redsock said...

You don't type anything into that generator? Just clicking is no good, you paste-chinned nipplebag.

Zenslinger said...

ACK! Did I eff up?

Should I have asked for "last Red Sox game" rather than "last Red Sox win"?

It doesn't make much difference. Does it? If I say ALCS5, it either means that I don't think they're going to win the ALCS (i.e., they're going to go on to lose in game 6 or 7) -- or it means that they're going to win the ALCS 4-1 and get swept in the WS.

I guess in that sense it's somewhat ambiguous, but as a tiebreaker it's a definitive answer, so it doesn't endanger the contest.

nixon33 said...

mine is:

drunken-fried pantygobblin

pretty much sums it up.

L-girl said...

I think you mean last Red Sox game.

Jeff in PA said...

Mine is:

goo-speckled twatcannon

That can't be good...

nixon33 said...

from a. benjamin:

J.D. Drew (back) was not in yesterday's starting lineup again, his sixth straight game on the bench. Francona didn't rule out putting Drew on the disabled list, saying the outfielder was walking "crooked" when he left the park Saturday afternoon. But, he said, with the day off today, the team is hoping Drew will be able to play tomorrow

David Aardsma, who officially went on the DL yesterday, and Julio Lugo are both scheduled for MRIs today in Boston. Both will stay in Boston for the rest of the road trip, and will work out with rehabilitation coordinator Scott Waugh.

David Pauley arrived before the game, taking Aardsma's spot on the roster. He is likely to be used in long relief, especially with Tim Wakefield making his return from the DL tomorrow.

Mike Lowell (oblique) is scheduled to speak with medical director Dr. Thomas Gill today to get approval to head to New York.

here's to hoping either lowell or jd will be in the lineup.
doubtful, yet i still hope.

Aaron said...

now that the game is over, I was just wondering, wouldn't the answer to the first question, Q: Date on which the 2008 NYY season ends?, technically be september 28, the last game NY plays(assuming the yanks don't make the playoffs)?

redsock said...

technically, but i think everyone understood that elimination day was either the day they are officially eliminated from playoff contention or the day they are eliminated from a playoff series.

no one chose an october date, by the way. all of the chowere were in mid to late september, so ...

results up later.