August 20, 2008

Yaz Has Triple-Bypass Surgery

Carl Yastrzemski, who turns 69 on Friday,
underwent emergency triple-bypass surgery yesterday at Massachusetts General Hospital after being diagnosed with coronary artery disease.

Yastrzemski, the folk hero of the 1967 Impossible Dream season that forever changed the franchise's fortunes, emerged from the operating room at 8 p.m. after a six-hour procedure to reroute the flow of blood around blockages in three arteries to his heart.
The Globe reports it was a six-hour procedure, while the Herald states it was two hours.

In 1997, Yaz talked about how hard it was at times to play baseball in Boston: "I remember when there was some talk that I might be going to the Yankees and ... you almost welcomed it to get out of there."

Josh Beckett's next start has been pushed ahead three days from this Saturday to next Tuesday (the opening game of a three-game series at Yankee Stadium). He has been experiencing tingling and numbness in his right arm since Sunday morning.

David Ortiz (without Manny Ramirez)
               PA   AVG   OBP   SLG    OPS
First 7 games 33 .107 .242 .107 .349
Last 9 games 41 .406 .537 .813 1.350
In his last seven games (32 plate appearances), Ortiz has struck out only twice.


ish said...

ESPN's poll question for SportsCenter was, who will win the AL Cy Young award?

48% Cliff Lee
26% Dice-K
25% K-Rod

I love how Mike Mussina is NOWHERE to be found in that poll.

Amy said...

Is Beckett pushed ahead or pushed back? Isn't he pitching later than he was supposed to be? (Not trying to be a smart ass---just confused.)

redsock said...

Beckett was scheduled to pitch
this Saturday. Now he will pitch three days later, on Tuesday.

nixon33 said...

good to see ortiz getting over his "i cant believe they traded manny, now im sad" slump.