August 17, 2008

Red Sox Starters: 7+ IP, 0 BB, 0 K

Paul Byrd pitched 7.1 innings last night and did not walk a batter and he did not record a strikeout.

It was the first time a Red Sox pitcher pitched at least seven innings with no walks or strikeouts since Bret Saberhagen did it just over 10 years ago (vs Angels, July 31, 1998).

Since 1956, Boston starters have done it only nine times. The last pitcher before Saberhagen? Roger Clemens, also against the Angels, July 21, 1987. Byrd is the only one of the nine pitchers to get tagged with a loss, however.

If we drop the innings pitched to at least six, we get 14 games, including Curt Schilling's outing against the Orioles last year (August 12). And Bob Stanley is on this list three times, including twice in 1979.


SoSock said...

I love this stat.
It reinforces what I preach to my young pitchers. You don't need to get strikeouts, just get outs.
I was so pumped earlier this year when I lookd over the scorebook after 1 of our rare wins (this was my spring 13-14 team, not the one that just WON THE DISTRICT TITLE) and I saw that my pitcher had pitched 5 innings of 3-hit, 1-run ball, with no Ks and only 1 walk.
I carried the book to our next practice and jumped up on my soapbox.

It does surprise me to see FB & 38 both on that list, though. The power pitch has always been such a major part of both men's game. Of course, at their best, they both knew how to win without their best stuff. And while Billy Boy's game was in his prime, Schill's came last year, when he often didn't have his best stuff.

SoSock said...

Interesting also that this is the 3rd time someone has gone 7+ w/ 0 K & 0 BB this year, and all 3 have been losses by their team with 2 of the 3 pitchers getting charged with said loss. The other was a ND

SoSock said...

OK, you can tell I'm at the hospital and Cathy's asleep.
Check out this game!
Pedro Astacio - Complete game for the Dodgers.
9IP 7H 1R 1ER 0BB 0SO
Won 7 - 1
Losing Pitcher? - Pedro!
Other odd fact - On my birthday!

Jere said...

I like how a third of the nine times happened on July 31st.

Bill Lee said he doesn't like strikeouts, they take too long. He'd rather have three groundouts on three pitches.

SoSock said...

If Bill Lee said it, it's gospel!
mmmm....The Gospel according to Bill Lee. I smell a book!
Oh and, clarification -
Losing pitcher in the 4-24-94 game was Pedro Martinez. Since it was also a Pedro that pulled the 9 IP with no Ks or BBs and won the game. I still just call him Pedro. It didn't even dawn on me that the other guy was a Pedro too.