August 14, 2008

Schadenfreude 53 (A Continuing Series)

[S]upporters are urged to pay their respects privately today for the team that is looking toe-tag dead in the AL East and wild card races.

The pinstriped coffins have been delivered and when the final game at Yankee Stadium is played, it will be turned into a cemetery. The headstone will read: March 31-Aug. 13. ...

Daily News:
The 10-game road trip that many Yankees had declared the most important stretch of their season came to a disappointing end with a 4-2 loss to the Twins, sending the reeling Bombers back to the Bronx looking for answers as the postseason continues to slip away. ...

Since taking two of three from the Red Sox in Boston from July 25-27, the Yankees are 0-4-1 in their last five series, going 6-11 overall during that stretch. Seven of those defeats came on this trip alone, as the Yankees split four games with the Rangers before getting swept by the Angels and losing two of three to the Twins.
AL East
Rays 72 47 .605 ---
Red Sox 70 51 .579 3.0
Yankees 64 57 .529 9.0
Blue Jays 62 59 .512 11.0
Orioles 57 62 .479 15.0

AL Wild Card
Red Sox 70 51 .579 ---
Twins 67 53 .558 2.5
Yankees 64 57 .529 6.0
Blue Jays 62 59 .512 8.0
Rangers 61 60 .504 9.0


ish said...

I am a Red Sox fan and I approve this Schadenfreude.

redsock said...


Why the Yanks will miss the playoffs -- Blame the starters, injuries, Jeter, Cabrera and the league

5 reasons, including "Derek Jeter is having the worst season of his career, and no one is saying anything about it"

efd said...

Hooray, Schadenfreude!

This seems like a good time to briing up this ridicluous column by Dan Graziano that appeared in the NJ Star-Ledger the day after the Manny trade and has been stuck in my head ever since.

I won't hold my breath for a follow-up column in which he admits he was mistaken.

efd said...

My morning spelling skills are also ridiculous, I see...

L-girl said...

Between this season's performance and next season's ticket prices, there'll be plenty of good seats available at the new Stadium.

nixon33 said...

there's still too much season before a say they are DEFINITELY out. but its looking good!

nixon33 said...

i am, however, rooting for the jays to finish ahead of the hankees.

Pepe Lepew said...

Wow, they're sure giving up considering there's still 41 games left in the season.