August 31, 2008

Schadenfreude 59 (A Continuing Series)


Bill Madden, Daily News:
It is fair to say whatever lingering hope Yankee legions held out for some sort of miraculous Colorado Rockies-like comeback charge into October by this underperforming Yankee team sufficiently dissolved in the aftermath of Robbie Cano's fateful flip in the seventh inning Saturday.

There could be no worse, no more disheartening loss than this one. Not when you're leading by four runs going into the seventh inning. Not when you're still leading after the seventh inning - a situation in which the Yankees were 58-1 this season. And even not when you get the first two runners on base in the ninth inning against a clearly shaky Toronto Blue Jays closer, B.J. Ryan.

No, this one was the real season-killer. This is one that will undoubtedly linger in the recesses of Joe Girardi's mind all winter ...
Kevin Kernan, Post:
The charade is over. Just like the parades that ended after the 2000 season.

It was fitting that the Yankees turned sure victory into defeat yesterday when Robinson Cano made a lazy, backhanded flip on what should have been a double-play ball in the seventh inning and the Yankees leading by four. That error helped create a three-run inning for the Blue Jays, who went on to beat the Yankees, 7-6 at Yankee Stadium.

With 27 games to go, the Yankees trail the Red Sox by seven games in the loss column.

Even the dreamers have to realize the Yankees are dead. ...
Joel Sherman, Post:
Yammerin' Hank Steinbrenner vows change. And this is not particularly good for the Yankees. Hank has the same instincts as his father, which is to go famous, expensive and long-term.
Later on, Sherman refers to Hank as "Nut Rockne"!

And Alex Rodriguez, stuck in traffic, got a police escort to Yankee Stadium on Friday. The Daily News put up a poll:

The results are disappointing.

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