August 7, 2008

Something Else #16: Van Morrison

Today's off-day music is two recordings from Van Morrison.

The first one was taped at Pacific High Recording Studio on September 5, 1971 for a KSAN (San Francisco) radio broadcast. His seminal album "Tupelo Honey" would be released the following month.

The second is "Talking To The Spirit" -- songs from two dates in 1988 with The Chieftains and Derek Bell. It includes a bunch of songs from his album of the same year, "Irish Heartbeat".


redsock said...

Van Morrison
Pacific High Recording Studio
September 5, 1971
Parts One and Two

Into The Mystic / I've Been Working / Friday's Child / Hound Dog / Ballerina / Tupelo Honey / Wild Night / Just Like A Woman / Moonshine Whiskey / Dead or Alive / You're My Woman / These Dreams Of You / Domino / Call Me Up In Dreamland / Blue Money / Bring It On Home / Buona Sera


Van Morrison
"Talking To The Spirit"
Parts One and Two

The Van Morrison Band, Ulster Hall, Belfast, September 15, 1988:
Tore Down A La Rimbaud / In The Garden / Rave On John Donne / Did Ye Get Healed

Van Morrison and The Chieftains, Ulster Hall, Belfast, September 15, 1988:
Star Of The County Down / She Moved Through The Fair / Ta Ma Chleamhnas Deanta / Tell Me Ma / Carrickfergus / Celtic Ray / Marie’s Wedding / Boffyflow And Spike / Goodnight Irene / Moondance

Van Morrison & Derek Bell "Unplugged", Coleraine Universtity, April 20, 1988:
T For Texas / When I Was A Cowboy / Sense Of Wonder / Celtic Ray / In The Garden / Raglan Road

A Conformer said...

Reposting this here, since at the end of last night's game thread it won't be seen. And, it is music related...

ALNM said:
How about Joe LaHOUD?

OK, it doesn't quite work. But I love middle eastern music, and "lute" made me think of it.

ALNM, check out these guys

Zenslinger said...

When I lived in Japan, every cover band did "Brown-Eyed Girl". I wondered if anyone but me thought that was kind of funny.

wardo said...

Nice. thanks!

L-girl said...

Ooo, burn this for me? Especially the Irish Heartbeat stuff. One of my all-time faves, as you know.

phil said...

I'm a sucker for celtic crap.

9casey said...

Nice one , Van never grows old, spans generations....

Tony said...

Wild Night is the kind of song that makes me want to get up and dance. And I hate dancing.

phil said...

Allan can burn it after he's finished burning your compilation of chaconnes.

Jere said...

In the Yanks game, Texas grounded into a double play...with a man on second! That tells the story of their insistence on NOT scoring tonight. 3-0 Yanks, final.

Ray's Infamous leads the Mercury Mariner, 1-0 in the 7th.

Jere said...

Ibanez leadoff dong in bottom 9th to win it, 2-1 Seattle. We're 2.5 back.

James said...

For you, I submit, this:

A little night musing said...

resock: this was just what the doctor ordered.

Not too long ago I was ordering coffee in a Starbucks (yeah, I know, but it's the only place close to work to get coffee) and "Blue Money came on after I placed my order. I so completely went off into the music that the cashier had trouble getting my attention back. (He was amused, but recognized Van Morrison so I think he "got" it.) That's how much I love Van Morrison.

a con:

I know Bustan Avraham very well! They're fabulous. But thanks for mentioning them; they've got an album there I haven't heard yet.

phil said...

MFYs win but FKRs lose.

Jake of All Trades said...

Listened to the Pacific High Recording Studio one during dinner and loved it! Especially got a kick out of the brief "Que Sera" intro to "Hound Dog"

phil said...

The files were taken down, by the way.

L-girl said...

There ought to be a warning sticker on this Van Morrison: CONTAINS RELIGIOUS MATERIAL MANY LISTENERS WILL FIND OFFENSIVE.


L-girl said...

(yeah, I know, but it's the only place close to work to get coffee)

No need to apologize for where we drink our coffee!

Allan should apologize for this shitty Van Morrison, tho. I love Van, too, but if you're a fan you know that sometimes he can really suck.

redsock said...

The files were taken down, by the way.

Van Morrison used to allow his shows to be traded between fans for free -- that's how I got these shows and others -- but no more. He has hired the same web goons as Prince to remove everything and anything connected to him on the internet.

Earlier this year, Morrison went so far as to shut down the "the most awesomely detailed and useful Morrison fansite on the web, run by Michael Hayward at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, despite the fact that the site wasn't making Hayward a dime. Every scrap of Morrison video is gone from YouTube ..."