August 12, 2008

Sox Pick Up Paul Byrd; He'll Start Friday

The Red Sox traded a PTBNL for Cleveland RHP Paul Byrd.

Byrd, 37 years old, has made 22 starts this year, posting a 4.53 ERA (131 IP, 146 H, 24 BB, 56 K).

In his last five starts, dating back to before the All-Star Game, he has a 1.80 ERA. says he'll start on Friday night in place of Clay Buchholz.


Soxlosophy said...

any time the sox pick up a player who makes for great whiffleball imitation, i'm happy.

Tony said...

Well, I suppose the Sox could do much worse for a rental. I guess this means Wakefield's not going to be back for the rest of the season, which sucks, since he was doing quite well his last few starts. For a 4/5 starter, I'm good with this.

I still have fond memories of Byrd "dazzling" the Yankees last year in the ALDS. My memories of ALCS Game 4, on the other hand, are not nearly as fond.

allan said...

He'll probably replace Laptop -- not Wake.

I assume the Sox will send HH down to get some PawSox starts and then recall him next month.

nixon33 said...

yeah, see?