August 20, 2008

Schadenfreude 54 (A Continuing Series)

Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports, calling the Yankees' season "a cornucopia of meltdowns, implosions and snafus":
The New York Yankees are dead. They are not merely tapping the bucket with their tootsies, sampling the dust with their teeth, booking refundable tickets on the Stygian Ferry. They are on Line 1 with Dr. Kevorkian asking for the soonest appointment possible, please.
Daily News:
The Yankees held a players-only meeting less than an hour before Tuesday night's game in an attempt to reinforce the sense of urgency that filled the visitors' clubhouse at the Rogers Centre. ...

Damon dropped what would have been the third out in the eighth inning, allowing the winning run to score from first base. ...
Another small nail was driven into the Yankees' pinstriped coffin last night by a leather hammer that was Johnny Damon's glove. ...

The Yankees' ninth defeat in 14 games dropped them 11 games behind the Rays in the AL East and left them 6½ lengths back of the wild card-leading Red Sox [with 37 games remaining]. ... So, a six-game road trip that can only be described as critical started with a disaster.
Former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a bartender after drinking 20 mugs of beer, a police official said.

Irabu, 39, became angered after his credit card was rejected. He then allegedly pushed the bartender against the wall, pulled his hair and smashed at least nine liquor bottles at a bar in Osaka, western Japan ...


efd said...

some Schadenfreude-related odds and ends:

1. The first thing I did when I got home last night at 3am was to set my DVR to record this morning's rebroadcast of last night's Yankee game, so I can bask in all its Schadenfreuderifficness later this evening.

2. Maybe Irabu flipped out when he noticed he was drinking this brand of beer.

3. As I type this, WFMU DJ Kenny G (no relation to the obvious) is reading back a transcript of the WCBS radio broadcast of the Red Sox-Yankees game from August 19, 2006. It looks like he will be doing this for his entire show, which goes until 3pm NY time, and he is reading everything - John, Suzyn and all the ads in between. It is surreal, to say the least - you can check out at WFMU's site (live stream links are at the top of the page); there will also be an archive posted here later this afternoon.
(I know this last item is not really Schadenfreude, since the Sox ended up losing that game, but it is Sox-Yankees related at least.

redsock said...

August 19, 2006

Two days later, I went on my epic rant!

Wow - that was one seriously fucked up month. MRIs, cancer, irregular heartbeats, etc. etc.

nixon33 said...

i LOVE it when moves the yanks make, backfire!

L-girl said...

2. Maybe Irabu flipped out when he noticed he was drinking this brand of beer.

Nice! That's a happy memory.

Two days later, I went on my epic rant!

Look who the first commenter after your rant is. :)

redsock said...


Another MFY fan shamed into leaving with his fucking tail tucked between his fucking legs.


9casey said...

I went back and read that rant and everyone's comments. It was like reading you yearbook. And I said to myself " I actually wrote that"