April 15, 2010

Beltre: 69 PA Since His Last Walk

Adrian Beltre has not walked in his last 69 plate appearances -- his final 35 trips to the plate for Seattle in 2009 and all 34 of his PAs this year.

In fact, a quick look at my scorecards for 2010 has Beltre getting to three balls in a PA only twice: in the first inning yesterday and the eighth inning today.

Beltre's batting average is .303, but because he has hit one sacrifice fly, his on-base percentage is lower: .294.


Benjamin said...

So a possible nickname for Beltre might be "FDR" -- he rarely walks. It'd be a bit ablist, but it'd fit in next to the LBJ nickname.

L-girl said...

You're just full of great nickname ideas, aren't you? I like this even better than Mongoose, which I liked a lot.

Allan and I sorted through a bunch of disabled/able-bodied nicknames last night, but I couldn't really go with Crip or Gimp. I know lots of disabled people who use those expressions - a la Queer - but it doesn't seem right in a non-disability forum.

But FDR ... that works on many levels. And he did occasionally walk (with assistance).

Is Beltre our New Deal?

Benjamin said...

But FDR ... that works on many levels.

Beltre is also from the Dominican Republic.