April 20, 2010

Cameron On DL With Abdominal Tear; Reddick Up

Mike Cameron has an abdominal tear near the attachment site of the abdominal muscle and the pelvis, "a type of sports hernia" according to Amalie Benjamin. So Cameron is now on the disabled list and Josh Reddick (.179/.200/.359 in nine games). is on his way from Pawtucket.

It appears likely that Cameron will be out for longer than 15 days. The injury is likely the same one that caused Cameron's groin injury in spring training, which means that it has lingered for more than a month, according to the source. The team wants to make sure that it is fully healed, though there isn't yet a sense of when that might happen, and it is possible that it could eventually require surgery.
Meanwhile, Jacoby Ellsbury (who has been out since April 11) has made minimal progress. He is still having discomfort when breathing:
It's one of those things where it's right there in my chest. I can't really do too much. I don't know how long it's going to be.
Since the club's estimates of Ellsbury's return have been very wrong and with no other available outfielders, Bill Hall was sent out yesterday to play his first game in center field since 2007. "Coming into the season, center field was probably the last place I thought I'd have to go and play." He did not play CF at all in spring training.

If Ellsbury is DL'd, the likely replacement would be Darnell McDonald (.341/.372/.683 in 10 games).


Amy said...

In case anyone is interested, here's a pretty decent analysis of Jay Z's lawsuit against Ortiz and the various procedural and substantive problems involved.

Kyle said...

What about Ryan Kalish? I know he is only at Portland but he could play some CF for Boston for a few weeks.

FenFan said...

One mistake I caught in the analysis of Jay-Z's lawsuit: Ortiz is now officially a US citizen (as of last year). Not being familiar with law, I don't know if this matters or not.

matthew said...

I don't know how severe Ellsbury's rib injury is, but I've had some seriously bruised ribs before (caught a knee in the ribs at full speed playing basketball) and that shit hurts. Really. Bad. I had trouble breathing, laughing, moving, sleeping. For weeks. I hope the fact that he's younger than I am and in much better shape than I am means he will heal faster than I did. Otherwise, he might be out for another month or more.

Amy said...

Fenfan, I don't think his citizenship matters. For jurisdictional purposes it's more a question of where he resides.

nick said...

Thanks for the link, Amy.