April 7, 2010

G3: Yankees 3, Red Sox 1 (10)

Yankees - 000 000 100 2 - 3  6  0
Red Sox - 001 000 000 0 - 1 7 0
Chan Ho Park allowed only one single in three innings of relief (7th-9th), while Jonathan Papelbon, in his second inning of work, allowed a solo home run to Granderson and two one-out walks before being yanked mid-inning

David Ortiz's line drive single to right brought in Dustin Pedroia with Boston's only run. Flo also grounded out hard into the shift in the first.

Lackey (6-3-0-2-3, 100) pitched very well. After they scored a run in the third inning, the Red Sox got only one runner past first base -- and that was thanks to an accidental HBP with two outs in the fifth.
Andy Pettitte / John Lackey

The concern or panic or anger over David Ortiz's weak bat began (or was rekindled from last June) in spring training and now that he has gone 0-for-7 in the first two games of the season, it's getting louder.
... how long can the Red Sox afford to wait?
There was even a SoSH thread bright and early on Monday morning about how Ortiz should not have started on Opening Night. (It looks like that thread is (for now) where discussion of Ortiz/playing time/DH platoon will happen.)

Terry Francona, who wisely doesn't give a shit what the fans and media think, says Flo will start tonight against Pettitte. And it's worth noting that Tiz does have better slugging numbers against the large-beaked lefty than Mike Lowell does:
Ortiz:  18-for-49  .367/.431/.551
Lowell: 10-for-29 .345/.429/.379
Last night, Ortiz showed that he is already pissed off about having to answer questions about a slump:
(Expletive) happens. Then you guys talk (expletive). Two (expletive) games already. You (expletives) going crazy. What's up with that, man? (Expletive). There's (expletive) 160 games left. Y'all (expletive) go ahead and hit for me. ... Ain't that a (expletive).
He is absolutely correct -- divining anything meaningful from two games of data is complete nonsense. At the same time, his level of frustration right out of the gate is also a bit disconcerting.


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Amy said...

OK, I am going to go throw some darts at a picture of Papelbon. I know he did fine in the 9th, but it's still frustrating as hell that he gives up so many HRs as a closer.

Jere said...


redsock said...

well, we're fucked.

L-girl said...

stupid clean water

Amy said...

Me, too, Jere. That was my first year as a fan, the year we moved to Boston.

I actually have been around longer than that, but not as a Sox fan!

redsock said...

amy - how's about throwing some darts at the real papelbon?

Amy said...

Allan, if he were here, I just might have. But Boston is too far for my throwing arm these days.

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