April 9, 2010

G4: Royals 4, Red Sox 3

Red Sox - 000 300 000 - 3  9  0
Royals - 000 002 02x - 4 8 1
J.D. Drew crushed a two-run bomb to dead center in the fourth -- following a Kevin Youkilis single, a David Ortiz double, and an Adrian Beltre RBI groundout -- but the bullpen crumbled in the eighth.

Hideki Okajima gave up a double to David DeJesus to start the inning and Scott Podsednik bunted him to third. Daniel Bard came in and walked Alberto Callaspo. Bard struck out Billy Butler for the second out, but pinch-runner Willie Bloomquist stole second. Rick Ankiel then flaired a broken-bat single over shortstop to bring in the tying and go-ahead runs. It was Bard's second blown save of the young season.

Ankiel went 4-for-4, with two singles, a double, a home run, and 3 RBI. He and Butler went back-to-back off consecutive Wakefield (7-6-2-1-6, 96) pitches in the sixth.

Mike Cameron singled off Joakim Soria in the top of the ninth. Marco SCutaro sacrificed him to second, but Jacoby Ellsbury struck out on three pitches and Dustin Pedroia battled through a nine-pitch at-bat (with six foul balls) before flying to right.

The Rays beat the Yankees 9-3; Mark Teixeira is 0-for-16.

Tim Wakefield / Kyle Davies

Elias Sports Bureau:
At 43 years and 250 days old, Tim Wakefield will become the oldest Red Sox pitcher ever to start a game when he takes the hill against the Royals tonight. He would pass David Wells, who was 43 years, 98 days old in his last start for the club in 2006.

The only Boston hurler to appear in a game at an older age is Dennis Eckersley, who was 43 years, 358 days old in his last appearance for the team in 1998.
Wakefield will pass Eck with his first start on or after July 27.

The Westmoreland family released a statement today.

Weekend starters:
Saturday: Josh Beckett / Zack Greinke, 7 PM
Sunday: Clay Buchholz / Gil Meche, 2 PM
In a Wakefield-related note, Japanese knuckleballer Eri Yoshida has signed with the Chico Outlaws of the independent Golden Baseball League. The GBL has teams in California, Arizona, and Canada; spring camps open early next month. In addition to being the first woman to pitch for a professional US team since Ila Borders retired in 2000, Yoshida will be the only woman to ever pitch in pro leagues in two countries.


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L-girl said...

When I saw that ALL CAPS re sac bunt, I thought it was Allan.

Oh Lyndon. Booo.

redsock said...

honestly, that was mostly why i did not want a bunt. because i had no faith in ellsbury.

laser time.

Edward Lee said...

I don't think sac bunting there is terrible with Scutaro vs. Soria.

tim said...

still, hate automatic outs.

L-girl said...

You never do.

L-girl said...

(Have faith in Ellsbury, that is.)

Never good to give up outs when a game is on the line.

redsock said...

wear him down, fy.

tim said...

fuck this game.

the season is over.

pack it in now.

redsock said...



L-girl said...

sparkling clean water

L-girl said...

good night all, hasta tomorrow

Ish said...

Ugh. The water is clean.

Amy said...

Another game where we blow the lead. Uch.

fusionmouse said...

Shakespearean tragedy :-(

meunier said...

Fucking Ankiel, that would have been a fly out if his bat didn't break

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