April 1, 2010

Opening Day Roster

Courtesy of the Globe's Peter Abraham & MLB's Ian Browne:

Jacoby Ellsbury, LF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Victor Martinez, C
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
David Ortiz, DH
J.D. Drew, RF
Adrian Beltre, 3B
Mike Cameron, CF
Marco Scutaro, SS

Jason Varitek, C
Jeremy Hermida, OF
Bill Hall, INF/OF
Mike Lowell, 3B/1B

Josh Beckett
Jon Lester
John Lackey
Tim Wakefield
Clay Buchholz

Jonathan Papelbon
Daniel Bard
Hideki Okajima
Ramon Ramirez
Manny Delcarmen
Scott Atchison
Scott Schoeneweis

Daisuke Matsuzaka, Boof Bonser, Jed Lowrie


tim said...

Yeah, that was me ^^^^^^

Stephanie said...

As I said in the prior post, so pumped for Sunday!

ALSO pumped for this weekend's weather here...

Tomorrow - Mike Lowell
Saturday - Mike Cameron
Sunday - Dustin Pedroia
Monday - Manny Delcarmen


gmillener said...

A little sorry to not see Tug on the bench, if only for the name. How can you not be behind a team with a Tug, a Boof and a Jed?

Ish said...

Just going out on a limb here and saying I like our rotation. There are four, perhaps five pitchers who have the ability to have #1 or #2 type seasons. Looking forward to it.

Amy said...

What? No Tug? My autograph collection just lost significant value....

So will there be a Game Thread Sunday night? I have to get my wardrobe ready, as well as my typing fingers!

L-girl said...

So will there be a Game Thread Sunday night?

Do you have to ask??? :)

A & I will both be at work, but hopefully it will be slow, as Easter weekend is a big thing here.

I guess I should alert the Gamethread FB group.

But I should finish my papers first!

The Balls said...

Here's someone ready for opening day!

Amy said...

I love that video! Now there's a kid who will never be a Yankee fan!!

OK, got to go decide what to wear on Sunday night for Opening Night and Game Thread Number One of the 2010 season. See you all there!

Good luck with the papers, Laura. When are you done for the semester? My classes don't end for another four weeks, then exams, but it is going to be in the 70s here, baseball is starting, and I definitely have SPRING FEVER!

redsock said...

So will there be a Game Thread Sunday night?

No, the blog is shutting down on Saturday. I'll see you at wmtc, though.

(shoulda posted that yesterday. damn.)

Amy said...

Sarcasm before the season has even started...it's gonna be rough around here.

The best April Fools goof I saw yesterday (and the only one I fell for, at least momentarily) was a post on another Red Sox blog saying that the Sox had signed Gagne to a one year contract. I threw up in my mouth and then remembered it was April 1.

L-girl said...

Not sarcasm, not rough, just happy that gamethreads are coming soon!

Allan tried to get me to post an April Fools post that we are sick of Stephen Harper, love Obama and are moving back to the US.

I'll wait til he posts that he's becoming an NYY fan.

redsock said...

Thanks for ruining my 2011 idea.

(Though Amy would have forgotten by then!)

9casey said...

redsock said...
Thanks for ruining my 2011 idea.

(Though Amy would have forgotten by then!)

Oh SNAP!!!!!

I guess I should alert the Gamethread FB group.

What is this?

Amy said...

I already have...

nick said...

Thrilling! I've already explained to emma that Sunday night can't come soon enough and that she may have to negotiate her own bedtime a bit.

I can't wait to ask Amy "So, what are you wearing?"

Amy said...

Nick, you can sure it will be worth the wait!

L-girl said...

I thought Amy was referring to my sarcasm, but turns out it was Allan's!

Although I see Amy has not been reading wmtc! ('Sokay, it's not required.)

I am done this Tuesday. I CANNOT WAIT. I am going to do a happy dance every day from April 7 to September.

Amy said...

I missed something on wmtc? I have been swamped between work and the holidays, so yeah, I have perhaps missed a few posts. But spring is here, summer is coming, and hopefully that means more time to read what I want instead of what I have to read.