April 16, 2010

Stones: Plundered My Soul

UPDATE: Bits of six more songs: "Pass The Wine", "I Ain't Signifying", "Dancing In The Light", "So Divine (Aladdin Story)", "Following The River", and "Title 5". Going to have to take some time and compare these to any existing boots.

Alright, NOW I'm droolin'!
Set to be released tomorrow, you can hear it today:

This is pretty damn good! Since this is brand new to me, I have to regard this as a new Stones tune, not a tinkered-with (and to what extent?) Exile-era track. I'm at work, there is work to do, and I've listened to this three times in a row. (I may need to rethink some of this.)


L-girl said...

It's good, but there's still no need to rethink. You'll end up hearing the whole thing anyway. It's still a massive ripoff.

redsock said...

i meant rethinking whether i think messing with the old tracks is completely and utterly wrong. of course, it has already happened and what could i have done about it anyway? :>)

Benjamin said...

Noted. :)