July 4, 2010

Through 81 Games

We are at the halfway point of the season and the Red Sox are 49-32.

Record Through 81 Games
       W   L     GA/GB       FINAL REC
2003 47 34 4.0 GB NYY 95 67
2004 44 37 7.0 GB NYY 98 64
2005 46 35 2.5 GA BAL 95 67
2006 50 31 4.0 GA NYY/TOR 86 76
2007 50 31 10.5 GA TOR/NYY 96 66
2008 49 32 1.0 GA TBR 95 67
2009 49 32 1.0 GA NYY 95 67
2010 49 32 0.5 GB NYY
The Red Sox are on a 98-win pace -- and are 1st or 2nd among all MLB teams in runs scored, hits, doubles, home runs, total bases, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS -- even though:

Jacoby Ellsbury has been on the DL twice and has played in only nine games.

Dustin Pedroia, Victor Martinez, and Jason Varitek suffered bone fractures (all in the same week).

Other DL stints: Mike Lowell, Jeremy Hermida, Manny Delcarmen, Daisuke Matsuzaka (twice).

Darnell McDonald is 8th on the team in plate appearances (Bill Hall is 9th).

On July 4, the active roster includes Gustavo Molina, Nuiman Romero, Kevin Cash (our starting catcher), Daniel Nava (who has a higher OBP than Pedroia, Drew or Ortiz), and Eric Patterson.


Josh Beckett has a 7.29 ERA in 8 starts and has been sidelined since mid-May.

The pitching staff is 10th in the AL in ERA -- despite the awesomeness of Clay Buchholz (2.45) and Jon Lester (2.76).

The bullpen has the worst ERA in the AL -- and only two teams have a worse save conversion percentage.

No team has more wins than we do ... but things will get better, I promise.


L-girl said...

Pretty f'in cool! Thanks for this!

The Omnipotent Q said...

You can now add Clay Buchholz to that list. Bloody f'n interleague.

Tony said...

It's really been amazing how the last few weeks have just been chock full of IMPORTANT injuries to the team - and yet they just keep chugging along. It's hard not to love this team.

mattymatty said...

No team has more wins than we do ... but things will get better, I promise.

Well... if you say so.

L-girl said...

Look at 2004!