December 2, 2006

And Yes I Said Yes

Baseball-Reference asks (like it doesn't already know the answer):
Have You Ever Wanted To Know?

* The most earned runs allowed by Pedro Martinez...
against the home...when he allowed
no walks?

* The most stolen bases in the 80' a cleanup a loss?

* The batter with the most home runs off Jim Kaat...
in 1970...including details for each one
(with even the runners on base)?
B-R PI (Play Index) is coming soon.

Check out their main page for links to box scores from every regular-season game from 1957-2006, with pitch-by-pitch info, as well as batting and pitching game logs, such as Hank Aaron in 1963 and Sandy Koufax in 1964.

And the great thing about the Dodgers' pitchers' stats is that most of them have pitch counts, thanks to the methodical and forward-thinking Allan Roth. (On May 6, 1960, Koufax threw 175 pitches in a 10-inning loss to the Phillies).

This is a great time to be alive.


redsock said...

Roth? ... Canadian!

L-girl said...

Aren't they all. :)

Great title. Molly was not Canadian.