December 15, 2006

Henry Explains Posting Bid

John Henry explains how he arrived at the $51,111,111.11 bid for the rights to negotiate with Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Also: he and Dice share a September 13 birthday.


9casey said...

Taken From

Entercom Boston and the Boston Red Sox today announced the new radio broadcast team for the 2007 season. Veteran play by play man Joe Castiglione returns for his 25th season of calling Red Sox games, to be joined by Dave O’Brien,

redsock said...

We won't get Truped again!

L-girl said...

But he'll live forever, every time an announcer gets our hopes up for a long fly out.

Peter N said...

And the negotiations, sure to be a success, continue with Red Sox affiliate and Hartford AM WTIC 1080, who have broadcast the Sox, every game, for more than 45 years. A 50,000 watt flamethrower, many of us have been able to get its signal from as far away as the Carolinas. I know when I was stationed at college in the Amish Dutch county of Lancaster PA (300 miles from Hartford), I was able to get the games, at night only, sitting in the driveway and listening, living, to the Sox plow their way through the '75 season in my car.. Until the Reds.....but I was home by then, and at Fenway for the first 2 games. Loooie---wow! Bill Lee, great until the seventh, but after the rain delay, oh well....old history, but a great team. 2007 Sox....lookin' good!