December 3, 2006

Gammons on Papelbon, Ortiz

Two snips from ESPN Insider:
Jonathan Papelbon's recent MRI was precisely the same as the one he took when he first signed out of Mississippi State, so they are very encouraged by his progress and convinced he will be a 200-innings horse. ...

David Ortiz is working very hard this winter at a Boston gym with a personal trainer -- Chi Bang. He plans to go to the Dominican Republic from New Year's Day until the start of spring training, and he plans on being in the best shape of his career in terms of core strength and his legs. What's remarkable is how nice Ortiz is to people at the gym.
This all sounds great, though I'm not sure it's actually remarkable to hear that Ortiz is pleasant to the gym's employees.

Fun Fact: Daisuke Matsuzaka is only two months older than Papelbon and four months younger than Josh Beckett.


Peter N said...

Chi Bang? More bang for our bucks!

L-girl said...

The name is too good to be true. Chi is energy - the life force. Perfect.

Chi said...

David has a great work ethic and is a beast in the gym. Stay tuned for the 07 season, boston fans.

Chi Bang