December 3, 2006

What's Wrong With This Sidebar?

Mark Zwolinski wrote about the friendship of AL East GMs J.P. Ricciardi, Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein in Saturday's Toronto Star. The sidebar had some tidbits on each GM. Here's a snip:

BOLDEST WINTER MOVE: Edgar Renteria, 2004

BIGGEST FLOP: Doesn't have one


Jack Marshall said...

You're right: what an idiotic comment.

Let's see: Biggest flop...

1. Trading Josh Bard and Cla Meredith to get Doug Mirabelli back
2. Trading Freddie Sanchez to Pittsburgh for an ineffective Jeff Suppan
3. Matt Clement, unless he both recovers quickly and establishes himself as a consistent winner
4. Coco Crisp (so far)
5. Edgar Renteria
6. Byung Myung Kim, Scott Saurbeck, "the bullpen by committee" experiment, Rudy Seanez, dumping Mike Myers...hell, just about every bullpen move not named Timlin or Foulke.

The jury's still out on Bronson and Wily Mo. Theo's score is still on the plus side, but infallible he isn't.

redsock said...

Perhaps he meant a flop only at winter meetings.

Either way, signing ER was not all that bold, but he was a flop.

The writer also said that Cashman doesn't have a flop. (Does Pavano count?)

Jack Marshall said...

Pavano? Wright? Contreras? Kevin Brown? Quantrill? Tony Womack? What about Randy Johnson, a stupid signing if there ever was one? Was Mussina signed to such a huge contract with the expectation that he'd never win 20 games as an offensive power-house's so-called ace?

Gimme a break.

L-girl said...

This is typical of the Star's baseball writers, though. They are in love with both the Red Sox and the Yankees, and kiss their asses on anything and everything. When they're not doing that, they're spouting the worst sort of mindless cliches about "wanting it enough to win".

I hope their hockey coverage is better.

Woti-woti said...

Except for Richard Griffen, I think they all want to be hockey writers. But I think Griffen, who used to work for the Expos as their PR guy, actually hates the Sox, but loves the Yanks. One of those city-love things where a TO guy thinks that Toronto is Canada's New York, therefore there is lots to love. Griffen also worked for the 'spos when the Bronfmans owned the team, plus saw first-hand the Labatts ownership of the Jays. He should get off his ass and write a tell-all book about how good owners make a difference and bad ones can ruin a franchise in cities that don't register on the majority of MLB owners' radar screens (cuz Canadian TV coverage doesn't count in the ratings).