December 13, 2006

Other Sox

The Red Sox officially announced the signing of Julio Lugo this afternoon.

Every time I came here, the fans were different. They love the game. When you're on the other side, they drive you crazy. I just want to feel how it is to be on the good side, to be on their side. It's great. Every time you get a hit, they cheer for you. They care for you. Not only in the stadium but outside the stadium. That always came through my mind.
Starting in '04, David Ortiz used to bug me every time we played down in Tampa. He said, 'We've got to get this guy, we've got to get this guy.' I used to make a point of, after BP, kind of running into him by accident just because I wanted to get a feel for [him] myself. I used to tease him, I said, 'You'll play for us one day.' I think he thought I was teasing. We've thought a lot of him for a long time.
He's going to being a lot of energy. This guy, the best part about his game is that he's very aggressive. He's the kind of guy that prepares himself to come out every day and do his thing. I love watching him play. He's a great player. We need guys like this to come around this ballclub.
The Red Sox agreed to a one-year deal with Doug Mirabelli. Tony Massarotti calls Mirabelli "a perfect complement" to Jason Varitek. Umm, no. The man cannot hit anymore (.193/.261/.342 in 176 PA last year) and I do not want to see him in the lineup next year. Not. At. All. Is there no other man on Earth who can catch Wakefield? Maybe George Kottaras will have a great spring.

Gabe Kapler has retired and will manage the Greenville Drive, Boston's South Atlantic League (A) farm club, next year.


Jack Marshall said...

Redsock: you may well be correct about Mirabelli, but you must recognize, stat geek that you are, that any player with only 161 ABs can have a lousy year without it meaning very much. He was obviously rusty when he came over from SD, then got injured just when his bat was looking better. He's had awful seasons before; his homers weren't bad, neither were his rbis. He may well be through, but he's worth signing for one more try, I'd say, especially when one considers the alternatives. I wouldn't be shocked if he rebounded. I wouldn't be shocked if he out-hit Varitek. And I wouldn't be shocked if he got released in spring training.

Zenslinger said...

I kind of feel bad for Lugo's press conference being overshadowed by the Dice-K drama.