December 17, 2006

BP: Drew Deal in Trouble?

Will Carroll, Baseball Prospectus:
Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald got the story first, but I have more details on the specifics of the J.D. Drew physical. Drew took the physical shortly after the announcement of the deal in Orlando, but sources have told me that Drew showed problems in his shoulder that "could shut down his power." Drew had minor surgery on his shoulder after the 2005 season, so it's possible that there's more damage in there.

It's important to note that in free agent acquisitions, a team often does not have the benefit of requesting medical records from his previous team prior to signing. Speculation centers on the damage to Drew's shoulder being more like Scott Rolen circa 2005. As Massarotti reports, it is more likely that the Red Sox get protection in the form of a very limited escape clause rather than scuttling the deal altogether.
Hmmmm. Stay tuned.


Yaz-Tex said...

Fascinating article by Gordon Edes in today's Globe on the Matzusaka mating dance (Wooing of Pitcher was Wowing).

The piece is a minor novella, and sheds light on the groundwork that the Sox begun laying eons ago to track Matzusaka, intrigue at MLB headquarters with the posting process, and the how Theo & The Trio successfully trumped Boras.

Great writing that makes for great reading, especially with the happy ending.....

Jack Marshall said...

On the flip side, we have this idiotic trade suggestion from Nick Cafardo:

"Here's my trade for a closer for the Red Sox: Wily Mo Peña, Manny Delcarmen, and Edgar Martinez for Chad Cordero."

Give me a break. I am 100% certain that in the mob of pitchers the Sox have hanging around now, young and old, there is at least one who, given a chance a la Todd Jones, Bob Wickman and many others, would emerge as a closer who would nail 85% of his save opportunities. Cardero projects to be better, of course, but what are we talking about, 4 more saves? 5? Wily Mo and Delcarmen will win that many games with interest. If Epstein makes a trade like that, he should be fired on the spot.

Peter N said...

JM, I am welcoming the trade of WMP...he will lose too many games just with his defense, especially if there IS something wrong with the shoulder of JDD.
YT, that was a great Edes' article. But there is one piece of the puzzle left, and it is no time to draw the line on spending money. Not without a closer. Thats what I wrote about on this increasingly sunny, and warm Sunday. Be well all!!!!! Love ya!!

redsock said...

Cordero is nice, but jeez.

The problem is that WMP needs playing time to develop and prosper and with Manny-Coco-Drew as the starting outfield, he'll be on the bench most of the time.

If Drew is healthy, you have to think either Coco or Pena will be dealt.

Woti-woti said...

Something is bizarre here. Why would Boras/Drew break one contract and risk a thorough medical with a new one if there was any chance of negative results?

And yes, 'idiotic' is the word for Cafardo's musings on what the Sox would give up for Cordero. However, on the whole closer issue, regret to say I've got nothing constructive to add. I'm drawing blanks on this one.