December 6, 2006

Lester Says He's Cancer-Free

Great news:
Jon Lester threw a baseball Monday afternoon. For the first time in months, the Red Sox lefthander threw cancer-free.

Lester said Tuesday that a CT scan last week revealed he is cancer-free, less than four months after being diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a rare form of blood cancer. Lester, 22, said he expects to report to spring training with the rest of the Red Sox pitchers and catchers Feb. 16 in Fort Myers, Fla.

"Everything's gone well," Lester said on a conference call from Seattle. "I just had my fifth [chemotherapy] treatment on Thursday and they did the CT scan and all the scans they needed to do and they found that I was cancer-free. I've got one more treatment Dec. 21 and I'll be done."
Also: Globe, MLB, ProJo and Herald.)


suzy lux said...

that is such good news :)

Jack Marshall said...

I think Lester's return also puts the Sox in the drivers seat in negotiations over Matsuzaka. If Boras is really trying to extort the Sox into playing major league star dollars for an unproven prospect (repeat after me : Contreras, Contreras, Contreras..), the Sox should hold fast. Look at it this way: they get 51 million dollars NOT to sign the guy. That's not a bad deal as a worst case scenario. Boras wants Matsuzaka to go back to Japan and risk blowing out his elbow or having a rotten year? Great: call his bluff. The Sox can win with Schilling, Beceket, Papelbon, Wake and Lester.

redsock said...

welcome back, suzy.