December 5, 2006

Manny Hates Me

The Herald's Gerry Callahan says so.
Any day now, the Red Sox will grant Manny Ramirez his wish and trade away the future Hall of Famer, and millions of distraught Sox fans will moan and wail and wonder why it had to come to this.

Why couldn't Manny just stay here and play here and be happy? Why was he so determined to flee our lyrical little baseball town and play somewhere else?

Well, if you really want to know why, I'll tell you:

Because he hates you, that's why.

He doesn't hate the ballpark ... [or] his teammates or his manager or the owners or the clubhouse attendants or the guy inside The Wall ... [or] the weather or the racial climate or the politics [or] the media ...

He just hates you, the paying customer and unwavering supporter of the Sox. He hates that you're always there, always yelling and cheering and fawning all over him. He hates your very nature - your devotion, your intensity, your insatiable appetite for all things Red Sox. Hell, you could say he hates you for loving him so much.

And you know what's really kind of pathetic? You just keep loving him anyway.
Yep. "Lyrical" is the adjective that always springs to my mind when I think of the Boston sports media experience from an athlete's point of view.

Callahan closes:
They won't get a player with Manny's talent in return, but look at the bright side: They will get someone with more heart and more character, guaranteed.
That's the bright side?? ... I have yet to see a metric that translates "heart" and "character" into wins. Callahan must have some secret equation, though he's never seemed like a stathead to me. ... And I thought Manny was a character.

Here's what is pathetic. The fact that Callahan and his cohorts write this shit without presenting any actual evidence.

During the last two seasons, I have corresponded via email with two writers who cover the Red Sox on a daily basis. They have been more a bit more forthcoming in those emails about Manny's transgressions that they have been in their newspaper stories. So I don't doubt that Manny is not an ideal employee -- the talk is clearly not all fiction -- but I imagine every player presents some type of headache to management, whether in temperment, his media relationship or actual on-field performance.

Today's typical example of how Manny is described comes from Michael Silverman, fellow Herald scribe, who mentions Ramirez's "sometimes whimsical and ambivalent approach to playing the game".

This constant insinuation -- and nothing more -- is no longer good enough. You guys have to start presenting us with chapter and verse of all the evil things that Ramirez has done in his years in Boston. (Though if you poke around online, you'll find long-standing rumours that the Manny Out Of Boston thing has very little to do with baseball.)

If Manny is dealt, I do expect to read some stuff, since it will need to be pushed to placate angry fans. See how bad he was, be glad he's gone.

But for now, if you can't do anything more than present to us what are nothing more unsubstaniated claims, please do us all a favour and STFU.


Sean O said...

Disgusting, there's no other word for it. Whether it's Ryan or his Curly Headed Boyfriend or this putz, what the media continually does to the players in the town will likely keep us from winning a championship for any time to come.

Why would you play in a town where they write garbage like this?

redsock said...

Why would you play in a town where they write garbage like this?

I have absolutely no idea. Being one of the guys who won the WS would be one reason, but that has already happened. I guess you have to hope you're already tagged a "good guy" before you arrive.

To be accurate, Everett made his CHB comment to Edes, not Ryan. I think I have an mp3 of it somewhere. I should try to find it.

Woti-woti said...

Yep, "Manny hates me" and 2 Sunday nights ago on 'Red Sox This Week' Sean McAdam intoned that "Manny is running himself out of town." Tito is quoted now on as saying "I can't see it happening" and "But he still shows up to play."
Say what? Manny didn't quit on the team last September? Or the manager is just as disingenuous as the media? Whatever.
Theo, for chrissake, just leave Manny alone, sign Drew, then get a shortstop and a closer. And no, I won't even mention that allegedly the Sox two biggest rivals for Lugo want him to play second or centerfield. But since there is little credibility coming from anywhere in baseball land, I'll just wait to be pleasantly surprised by all developments. Or not.

Jack Marshall said...

Boy, I don't think the Callahan piece is even worth the time it taks to write a critical post. The "Manny hates you " stuff is just deadline filler, using hyperbole to state the obvious. Manny has let it be known, not unlike David Wells last season, that he doesn't like all the fan scrutiny and attention he gets in Boston. So he "hates" the fans. Duh-huh! Gorsh! Never thought of it like THAT!
The "heart and character" slur is just a particularly unfair and slanderous part of characterizing in the most negative terms possible what we already know.

We also know Callahan's a lazy hack.
But I don't thnk there's any more stuff we need to know about Manny. We know Manny's had periodic episodes when he's refuse to put off a "day off" when the manager told him his team needed him, or refused a direct request to pinch hit. Well, I can think of several managers of the past...Dick Williams, Ralph Houk, Don Zimmer...who would insist on trading any player who did that to him even once. And there is the little matter of Manny asking to be traded one way or the other every damn year. That's never happened before in my 45 years of following the team, and I would sympathize with any employer who finally tells a chronic malcontent, "Fine! You have your wish! We'll go with people who want to be here from now on!"

Yes, there are a lot of hack sportswriters in the town, and yes, any player who reads them has a strong stomach. But I don't see how anyone can profess not to understand why the Sox are shopping Manny Ramirez based on what we already know.

Anonymous said...

That's just Gerry being Gerry.

Jere said...

Callahan should sit in section 33 for a game, and watch as Manny interacts with the fans literally all game long, and then try and tell us that Manny hates us.

9casey said...

Garbage ........remember when these guys were paid to report the news and not fabricate it.....The one thing we have come to know is that Manny rarely changes he has the same pattern every year.......

Anonymous said...

Well, let us see, on a yearly basis the man demands a trade, skips a game here or there because well, he can. Some one gets hurt and the team could use him on his promised day off. Not a chance, and remember these are only the things that get out.

The man does not talk to the press but as a person the press likes him. As for him being WS MVP, Manny hit .412 with 4 RBI's. Mueller hit .429 with 2 RBI's and Ortiz who batted 4th had 4 RBI's. They could have given the MVP to Bellhorn who had 4 rbi's and hit a big home run off the pole. They picked Manny because he was the star of the team.

And don't forget, in the Yankee series. NO RBI's.

The man is a great hitter, but after 5 years of this crap, enough is enough. Trade his butt.

Jere said...

I think Theo doesn't care about any of these "not giving his all" stories--or he wouldn't have signed JD Drew. Theo knows what Manny does for the team, and knows not to trade him unless we get something seriously awesome in return.

Also, we've had Manny for six years. And, while you're verifying that, check out the numbers and see if you really want to call it crap.

And who cares if he wasn't truly the most valuable player of that World Series? Do you think we'd have won it without him? (meaning all season, not just in the WS.)

9casey said...

With all that 'baggage" I am glad he is still our problem.....

9casey said...

By the way,......God Bless Jon Lester...cancer free

Jack Marshall said...

I'm with the majority on that aspect of it: no fault with Manny in his performance on the field, even with the occasional rocks, even with the marginal fielding. My WS MVP was Foulke, but I don't object to Manny getting the nod at all.

But we also need to remember that the team was so annoyed with his mid-Yankee series sit-out followed by his statement that he wanted to play there that they were willing to give him away before the 2003 season. Now he's older and shows signs of gradual decline, and that's when accumulated annoyances start to factor in a team's personnel decisions. A star will always get away with more crap, but he will also be penalized for it the second he starts to slip. Manny's right on the cusp of that now. And for that he does in fact have only himself to blame.

When you look at Rogers Hornsby's stats, you wonder, how could so many teams trade this guy? I suspect that if the Red Sox do trade Manny, people will be similarly bewildered 30 years from now. Eventually, in both cases, the teams jsut got sick of dealing with the bullshit (admittedly more offensive in Hornsby's case). I know that for myself, although I'd rather have the Sox with Manny than without him, I sure won't miss the multiple future flare-ups of this discussion that will leave when he does.

Jack Marshall said...

Yes, great news on Jon Lester. I wouldn't be counting on him to be on the opening day roster, but if he's really OK, the Sox just got another good arm in the mix.

Sean O said...

We signed Julio Lugo for 4/36. We don't even try to win anymore, do we?

I dare anyone to defend this move on any level. We get a guy who's coming off of a .219 .278 .267 line in AAAA West? Who has a career SLG of .402?

And remember the last two deals I virulently opposed; how'd Coco and Beckett do this year?

Theo's a joke. If this doesn't get him run out of town, I don't know what will.

FOAD, Wifebeating Lugo.

Zenslinger said...

Lugo scores significantly better than Gonzalez in this analysis:

And, he's definitely a better hitter.

Might be a bit pricey, but not much question he's an improvement.

Jack Marshall said...

Sean, you're just too much.

Lugo's stats scream Dodger Stadium, a hitting wasteland. Look at the home/road splits. He's never been on a team with a decent hitters park. I'll be suprised if he doesn't come pretty close to Renteria's AL stats in Fenway. And who, exactly, would you have acquired to play short? Lugo was the best option out there.

The Sox have, meanwhile, upgraded the offense in right and short.

I am 90% certain that the Becket deal will look terrific eventually, and maybe 75% sure the Crisp deal will too, once he gets a chance to play with all his fingers intact. He was also the best option available to replace Damon last year...again, what was your solution? Marte didn't exactly burn up the league last year, and Mota was a bust until he got back in the AL. Do you miss Shoppach, boobula?

What's your problem?

L-girl said...

FOAD, Wifebeating Lugo.

Can someone explain this for me?

BlackJack said...

Can someone explain this for me?
Wife says she exaggerated account of alleged assault

HOUSTON -- A jury found former Houston Astros shortstop Julio Lugo innocent Wednesday of banging his wife's head against their vehicle after she testified in his misdemeanor assault trial that she exaggerated the story and he didn't mean to hurt her.

As for Callahan - he's an asshat. And if he wanted to write an accurate article he would have written about how he hates the fans. After all we keep booing Damon and cheering Pedro instead of the other way around like he tells us too.

L-girl said...

Blackjack, thanks.

Sean O said...

You mean a woman who is married to a multi-millionaire recanted her story afterwards? No way. How many victims of domestic violence later recant their stories regardless of what happened?

Self defense, my ass. He's a baseball player, unless she's a hulk it's not self defense.

L-girl said...

How many victims of domestic violence later recant their stories regardless of what happened?

Tons of them do.

Next time she'll have walked into the door. Again.

It's got nothing to do with how rich her husband is. Women married to poor slobs do it all the time, too. It's a very tough situation, but sadly, recanting the story is part of the dance.