May 13, 2007


Hideki Okajima's ERA+ is 902.

God himself couldn't pitch better than that.

By comparison, Papelbon's ERA+ last year was 500.

Pedro's best season was 285 (that is also the greatest full-season of all time).

100 is league average.


redsock said...

Also posted in the G36 thread:

According to ERA+, Sexy Lips (66) has been more effective this year than Mariano Rivera (58).

Sean said...

bahahaha. 902 is ridiculous. I love Okaji, and even when he regresses to a pretty obvious mean, he'll be pretty damn good.

902, wow.

Zenslinger said...

The bullpen has posted one loss. One. It belongs to Donnelly after Papelbon's blown save.

What's almost more impressive is the fact that they've only had to put up five wins. Which is to say that they've only had to participate in the decision one out of six games.

To take another example -- oh, out of thin air -- the Yanks' pen is 4-8 (with three losses belonging to Rivera). Not only a lot of losses, but a lot more need to be involved in the decisions (i.e., one way or another, not holding an original lead).