May 6, 2007

G30: Red Sox 4, Twins 3

Curt tires in the 7th (6.2-8-3-2-7, 99), but Okajima and the Papelbot nail it down.

Cora, filling in at short for Lugo, singled twice (and nearly got a third hit on a drag bunt in the 9th) and scored twice. Pedroia doubled twice and singled.

At one point, NESN showed Manny and Sexy Lips on the bench, Manny with his arm around Tavarez, softly petting his head like he was a cute dog. They seemed quite cozy. (Maybe SG will offer us a screen shot; they recently blessed us with the DP Hug.)


Curt Schilling (3.15) / Sidney Ponson (6.67), 2 PM

In his five starts since Opening Day, Schilling has a 2.25 ERA.

Manny Ramirez is hitting .440 (11-for-25) in his last six games.


s1c said...

According to the Herald's blog Manny isn't in the line up.

CF Coco Crisp
SS Alex Cora
DH David Ortiz
1B Kevin Youkilis
RF JD Drew
3B Mike Lowell
C Jason Varitek
LF Eric Hinske
2B Dustin Pedroia

Hinske is 7 for 23 with 3 doubles vs Ponson.

(RHP Curt Schilling)

L-girl said...

I'm following on Game Day at work. Was Ortiz out at the plate?

How many times will he get called out at the plate this season, I wonder. It's been at least three already, maybe more.

Sean said...

Crisp and Cora are batting one/two. Crisp and Cora are batting one/two. I want people aware that Coco Crisp, and Alex Cora, are likely to get the most at bats in today's game. One we, theoretically, are attempting to win.

Francona's not even trying to win this game, I think. Wow.

Junky said...

sean, you're crazy.
looks like things worked out well so far...

Sean said...

We are in big fucking trouble with Clemens to NY. God dammit. Instead of a replacement level player, they now have the best pitcher in baseball.

This sucks.

Woti-woti said...

L-girl, yeah, Ortiz out at plate. Bartlett made a good relay, but a decent runner (or slide) and it's a run. Another awkward Ortiz slide. Twins TV (and confirmed over on YES between innings) says Clemens has signed with MFY (Clemens in booth with Kay---GAK). No other details, I'm sure we'll be deluged in due course. Just one more reason to GO SOX!!

redsock said...

big fucking trouble

yeah, now they got two starting pitchers. oooooh, scary.

s1c said...

Good, the Clemens drama is over, so we can just concentrate on fixing this team as in getting a good lead off hitter.

Also, bench clearing incident at Yankee game due to Proctor being a jerk.

L-girl said...

they now have the best pitcher in baseball.


Sean, you are such a comedian.

Either that, or you are such a fool. You decide.

L-girl said...

Thanks Woti. Stuck at work w/ only game cast plus I couldn't comment for hours. Grrr.

s1c said...

Schilling falls apart in the 7th (around the 80 pitch mark), its now a game, thank goodnes for Hero in the Dark.

s1c said...

Sox go to 20-10, the same record after 30 games as in '71, '86, '94, and 2003.