May 10, 2007

G33: Red Sox 8, Blue Jays 0

Wakefield (7-3-0-1-5, 93) gets support! And we sweep the collapsing Blue Jays! (box)

Red Sox 3rd (leading 1-0): Mirabelli strikes out looking. Cora singles to left. Lugo grounds out second to first, Cora to second. Youkilis singles to left, Cora scores (2-0). Ortiz doubles to right-center, Youkilis scores (3-0). Ramirez singles to right, Ortiz scores (4-0). Drew singles to center, Ramirez to second. Lowell homers to left, Ramirez, Drew and Lowell score (7-0). Crisp doubles to left center. Mirabelli grounds out shortstop to first.

With one out in the fourth, Lugo singled, stole second and scored on Youkilis's second double of the game (and third hit). Youkilis scored the Sox's first run in the first on Ortiz's ground out. ... Lowell homered in each of the three Skydome games.

Halladay was seriously pwned (5-11-8-7-0-2, 86). His last two starts: 10.1 innings, 23 hits, 17 runs (16 earned). Since last Saturday, his ERA has ballooned from 2.28 to 4.37. (The Jays got even worse news before the game began -- B.J. Ryan had Tommy John surgery today and will be out until sometime next season.)

In the first, Wakefield retired Rios, then allowed singles to Lind and Wells, and walked Glaus. Bases loaded, one out. But he whiffed Thomas and Mirabelli picked Glaus off first to end the inning.

Wakefield retired the next 15 Jays hitters and 18 of the next 19. His 1.79 ERA leads the American League.

Boston (23-10) has a seven-game lead over the second-place Yankees (16-17, 14-2 losers this afternoon) in the East. ... And it's home to face the Orioles.


Tim Wakefield (2.11, 205 ERA+) / Roy Halladay (3.59, 123 ERA+)

In Wakefield's last 11 starts -- going back to July 17 -- the Red Sox have scored 16 runs while he's been in the game. This must stop.

Halladay allowed nine runs on 12 hits in 5.1 last Saturday in Texas. In 15.1 innings against Boston this year, he has allowed five runs (2.93).

The best hitter of all time (well, since 1977) against the Blue Jays? Mike Lowell. Among Toronto opponents with more than 100 at-bats, he is hitting .380 (49-for-129), with 17 doubles, nine home runs and 30 RBI in 34 games.

Boston has won 15 of its last 20 games. Toronto has lost eight straight.

Tala is sick, so we're not going to the game tonight. Which means only one thing ... BuffyVision.


Sean said...

You're good people for skipping a Red Sox game to spend time with your dog. Kudos.

Go Sox. Also, Yankees lost 14-2, and Wang gave up 7 runs in 6 innings.

Jere said...

"The best hitter of all time ... ? Mike Lowell."--Allan Wood. ha.

Bartman said...

If I were a 40 year old dog I'd be sick too.

"Photos are from between 03 Mar 67 & 04 Mar 67."

redsock said...

"Boston has ... lost eight straight."


redsock said...

7-run 8th for the Rangers against the MFY bullpen (Victor Diaz pecked Henn for a pinch-hit grand slam) box.

Me likey. ... I want to be 7 GA tmorrow morning.

Jere said...

Wouldn't that be a 280 year old dog?

Zenslinger said...

Doug ("Doesn't Care for Sunflower Seeds")Mirabelli picks off Glaus at first for an inning-ending DP (with strikeout to Frank Thomas) after Wake loaded the bases. Amazing.

Has to be a little demoralizing if you're a Jays fan, though.

Zenslinger said...

Not as demoralizing as our 6-run 3rd against their ace, though.

7-0 Sox; Lowell 3R HR.

Sean said...

Holy shit, what happened there? I turn away to watch 15 minutes of Earl, and it's 8-0. I thought they were having major issues with the score-o-matic on the top.

Redsock... damn, sucks you can't be there.

Paul Dorn said...

As I write this, the Sox are leading Toronto 8-0, and seem assured of a crushing sweep of the Jays, in Toronto.

And now I'm worried. I knew the Sox would be good. But are they really this good?

Or are the baseball gods/goddesses just setting up us Sox fans for an even more destructive fall? The "Curse of the Spurned Roger" or something.

redsock said...

YO, you are posting spam. Email me directly.

redsock said...

And now I'm worried. ... are the baseball gods/goddesses just setting up us Sox fans for an even more destructive fall?

This is not directed at you personally, but ...

We don't believe in ghosts and goblins here. That is silly, stupid shit peddled by a Bozo-haired clown eager to grab a few more coins for his pathetic, historically-inaccurate book.

We deal in reality. ... I dealt in reality long before 2004 and I sure as shit deal in it now.

(The Jays ain't shit. With Beckett, Dice and Wake, we should sweep. And we did.)

L-girl said...

No curse talk in Joy Nation!

L-girl said...

Redsock... damn, sucks you can't be there.

It was nice watching the game at home, knowing Tim was getting run support and we were there for Tala if she needed us. Too bad we couldn't reach Woti to give him our tix.

So far our (personal) record in Skydome this season is 4-1. And the one loss was a great 2-1 pitching duel. Very cool.

Jackie said...

And now I'm worried. I knew the Sox would be good. But are they really this good?

I think it's just that the Blue Jays are that bad, at least at this point in time. Besides, with three of our four best pitchers (man, that feels good to say!) going, we should win 2/3 if not sweep.

But yeah, every once in a while I can't help but feel a little paranoid. I thought that sense of expecting a crushing loss around every corner would go away after 2004, but I guess it's a case of once bitten, twice shy. Or in the Sox's case, 20 times bitten, eternally shy?

Jere said...

It's so weird, the different types of Sox fans...

I'm so confident right now, and I would be with this team, even if the record wasn't this good. Sure, I sometimes see something bad and say "Here we go...", or I'll get mad at the team from time to time, but my whole life I've always felt like the Red Sox could win. 2004 didn't show me that it actually can pay off ONCE, it proved to me what I always thought, that there's ALWAYS a chance.

My point is, they could be doing a lot worse and I'd still have faith they could go all the way, but with the way things ARE going, the LAST thing I'd think would be "Oh no, something bad's about to happen..." Who am I, George Costanza?

You might as well enjoy good times. Especially baseball-wise. There's plenty of other stuff to be depressed about.

L-girl said...

You might as well enjoy good times. Especially baseball-wise. There's plenty of other stuff to be depressed about.


These times are great. Don't be afraid to enjoy them.

Some people believe if they constantly remind themselves that good times don't last, it will hurt less when the good times end. But it doesn't work that way. When the bad times come around, it will hurt just as much, but you'll have missed out on the fun.

Live in the here and now. The future doesn't even exist yet. The present is all we have. Enjoy it!

Jere said...

"but you'll have missed out on the fun."


G said...

I just can believe you used the word "pwned" sad...