May 12, 2007

G35: Red Sox 13, Orioles 4

This game was actually quite close for six innings.

Trachsel lost his control in the fourth and did not get out of the fifth (4.1-5-4-3-4-1, 102). But every time the Red Sox scored, Schilling (5.1-9-4-4-2-4, 95) gave it right back.
Orioles - 000 013 000 -  4 13 1
Red Sox - 000 131 35x - 13 15 0
Donnelly dug a little hole with one out in the seventh, but Okajima got the necessary two outs on six pitches. The Sox went wild in the final two frames -- 11 men batted in the eighth -- to make this one a laugher. (box)

Papelbot saw his first action since last Sunday. O's 9th: Markakis (ffbbf) struck out looking. Bynum flew to left. Bako (fc) singled to left. Huff (bf) lined to third.

Lugo was 4-for-5, Manny reached base four times (double, 2 walks, HBP), Ortiz scored three runs, and Cora (who hit for Pedroia in the 7th) was 2-for-2 and isa now hitting .432.

The MASN team of Gary Thorne and Buck Martinez were annoying and often stupid. They compared the outfields of both teams by looking at batting average, HR and RBI and determined Baltimore's was better. After many years, Martinez is still unable to correctly pronounce our DH's last name. He laughed at people who think OBP is important and after noting his win-loss record, he said "Josh Beckett is the best starter in baseball."

Thorne, who did not mention anything about Curt's socks(!), said that the Birds were 11-4 against East teams so far and that "only the Sox are better -- at 12-5". About five seconds later, an on-screen graphic showed, with winning percentage, that 11-4 is actually better than 12-5, not worse.

On the plus side, they did not comment on Manny's hair.


Steve Trachsel (3.70, 115 ERA+) / Curt Schilling (3.28, 132 ERA+)

Likely not much posting today, as I'm still dealing with a sick dog (which ties in with FJM's Headline Of The Year.)


Sean said...

Why can't we score any runs off of crappy pitchers?

L-girl said...

This week is a role reversal for Wake and Schilling. Lots of run support for Wakefield, none for Curt.

Get a run, give it right back...

Sean said...

There we go, now we're talking.

keep it up!

redsock said...

B2B doubles from Tiz and Manny = 3-1 Sox.

Coming in, Tracshel had a lower opponents' batting average (.234) than Schilling (.250).

Buck Martinez on Tracshel's balk: "It's not a balk because he does it all the time."

Great logic, Buck. "Yes, officer, I know you clocked me at 80 in a 50 mph zone, but it's not speeding because I do it all the time."

Later, Buck admitted that he's always felt T's move was kinda iffy.

Also, Buck: Please learn how to say David Ortiz's name correctly. It is not OR-tiz. You've been doing it for years. He's kind of famous and it's not a hard name to say.


Sean said...

Well, this is a crappy start to this inning for Schill.

Focus Curt, focus.

redsock said...

Buck is back to complaining about the balk, showing a move from the first inning that he says is the same. No consideration that Tracshel may have gotten away with a balk in the earlier clip.

redsock said...

Curt's first 3 pitches in the sixth: single, single, single.

Loaded for the O's.

redsock said...

Then he goes 3-0 to Mora, but comes back with a called strike, and two whiffs. K!!!!

redsock said...

Gibbons line single to left, his 3rd hit of the day. 4-2 Sox, still loaded for Bal, 1 out, Lopez up.

redsock said...

Curt had Payton struck out, but he didn't get the outside corner that had been being called for several innings. He was pissed, ump takes off mask, smiling at Curt. Then he walks Payton to force in a run.

He's gone, 4-3 Sox, still loaded for the O's.

redsock said...

Tied 4-4.

redsock said...

Sox 6th:
Tek - HBP
Coco - 3-4 SAC
Pedroia - F8
Lugo - infield hit to ss
Yook - single to CF, Tek scores.

5-4 Sox -- Yoooooooooook!

Then ball 1 to Flo -- Lugo steals 3rd without a throw -- 11 for 11.

Flo - F8.

We got the lead back. Now let's have the pen hold it.

redsock said...

How dumb are the people at MASN (Orioles network)?

A few innings ago, they ran a commercial that encouraged fans to tune in and watch "Gregg Zaun and the Toronto Blue Jays this Monday night."

Zaun has been on the DL since April 25.

redsock said...

Top 7:

Lopez strikes out Markakis.

Donnelly in. Tejada singles and BD hits Hernandez.

Okajeemer coming in.

redsock said...

Tejada steals 3rd on the 0-1 pitch, but Jeemer Ks Huff.

20 K in last 38 outs he's recorded.

redsock said...

Jeemer gets Mora on a grounder to Lowell. Yes!!

Mid 7th: 5-4.

San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

I love Okajima

redsock said...

Leicester walked the first 3 Sox in the 7th -- Manny, Drew, Lowell -- O's still have no one up.

redsock said...

And 2 balls to Tek -- before he says he's hurt and leaves game.

Manny: bbbccb
Drew: bbbcb
Lowell: bbbb
Varitek: bb

redsock said...

Tek fans, chasing balls 3 and 4 in the dirt. Thanks, captain.

Crisp grounder scores Manny, 6-4.

Sean said...

If we lose this, we should definitely protest that "injury." Baltimore being too stupid to warm up a pitcher doesn't mean we should lose runs there.

Sean said...


can't believe he was brought in instead of Dustin, but I like being wrong in this case! WHOOOO!

redsock said...

Cora (.405) PH for Pedroia and smacks a single past Huff into RF. 2 in, Sox 8-4.

redsock said...

Sean, I was thinking the same thing. May be real, but it sure seemed odd.

redsock said...

2 singles off Jeemer to start the 8th.

The Bot is up.

redsock said...

Cora starts the 4-6-3 DP. Damn -- what a plus he's been.

redsock said...

Sox 8th:
Yook: 5-3
Tiz: single
Manny: HBP
Drew: single, RBI
Lowell: single, RBI


redsock said...

Tek singles past a diving Tejada, 11-4.

redsock said...

Cora singles in the 8th to reload the bases. He's up to .432.

redsock said...

Cora's hit could/should have been an error on Miggy. Fielded behind second, a bit off-balance throw, but a poor throw to first.

Lugo then hit a chopper to Tejada. Hard throw pulls Huff off 1B, can't tag Lugo. No error there either.

12-4. Pitching change, 10th man coming up for Sox in inning.

redsock said...

Yook to third, Mora dives to left, ball rolls away, run scores, 13-4, Mora may have hurt his finger. Ha ha ha!!!

redsock said...

May not need the Bot today.

redsock said...

But here he is -- to get some work. Hasn't pitched since Sunday.

Sean said...

Our closer hadn't pitched in a week. In the good way, not in the Royals / Pirates way.

Awesome. Great game, and now the Orioles bullpen should be pretty dead for tomorrow.

L-girl said...

Run support for everybody! Whoo-hoo.

Sorry I missed the Snuffer, stuck here at work with nothing but Gameday.

Sean said...

redsock says "I probably won't be posting too much today."

Final tally: 2 blog posts, 27 comments. Most excellent.

phrenile said...

Per the AP: "Schilling extended to 68 his major league record of consecutive starts without allowing an unearned run."

What an odd stat.

redsock said...

Yes, well, Tala is doing much better. :>)

Plus I saw that last night, some people were commenting during the game, and I saw your comments early, so I figured I'd post in game and see if anyone else was around.

That's easier than surfing around various sites for a few hours.

L-girl said...

redsock says "I probably won't be posting too much today."

Heh, I thought the same thing.

Yay Tala. (Yay for a great vet.)

thatdietcokegirl said...

i almost felt sorry for the orioles in the 8th. heh, almost ;)

glad yr doggie is better :))

Sean said...

The MASN team of Gary Thorne and Buck Martinez were annoying and often stupid. They compared the outfields of both teams by looking at batting average, HR and RBI and determined Baltimore's was better.