May 10, 2007

Hey, Papi: Start A Blog

Two days ago, David Ortiz's comments about Barry Bonds and steroids were printed under a Boston Herald headline: "Papi: Unwitting 'Roid User?"

Ortiz, who quipped in March 2005 that any steroid test he took would turn up nothing but "rice and beans", said he stopped drinking protein shakes in the Dominican Republic when he realized he didn't know what was in them: "I don't know if I drank something in my youth, not knowing it."

It became a topic for the national sports media yesterday. Terry Francona was pissed off:
I've got a writer from Toronto who comes in last night, and he was on a mission. He goes, 'Ortiz fessed up to taking steroids.' That's how he starts with me. I almost carried him by his collar out of here. That's not true. That's being unprofessional. I lose respect for the profession. It's probably not fair but ... I've got to go through the next 10 cities trying to defend David. That should never happen.
I looked at the websites of the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun and the National Post, but found nothing written about Ortiz's comments. I guess once Tito gave the guy the bum's rush, there wasn't much of a story.

Ortiz wondered if he should just clam up: "Maybe it's better not to say anything." He spoke to television reporters after last night's game, but not the print media.

Papi: Your comments are always welcome here.

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Beth said...

there are sports reporters out there you can just bet are DYING to break the ortiz used 'roids story. papi doesn't realize what a target he has on his back; the longer he goes without a major controversy, the hungrier some in newsrooms will get for it. he doesn't realize that some ppl, being cynical, will think that he's too good to be true, can't possibly be that nice a guy, etc. and this latest story shows just how desperate they are to find some way of proving it. it's sad, but he DOES need to watch what he says a little more closely. i'm sure he was just trying to be a nice guy, and say nice things about everybody, even barry bonds--you can tell this is his nature reading his book w/ mazz (which i recommend btw). but it could come back to bite him in the ass.