May 10, 2007

Standings, May 11

EAST        W   L  PCT   GB   RS   RA  Exp W-L

Boston 23 10 .697 -- 176 110 23-10
Baltimore 17 18 .486 7.0 157 160 17-18
New York 16 17 .485 7.0 192 168 18-15
Tampa Bay 14 20 .412 9.5 154 210 12-22
Toronto 13 21 .382 10.5 156 178 15-19


Jackie said...

It's a beautiful thing.

And this is even moreso.

tim said...

Pure Joy......

Sean said...

Shit, what's gonna happen when we wake up? This is some insane dream.

chief said...

It's not a dream, it's just waking up from the nightmare of Aug, 2006.

Andy said...

People all over the media and internet boards have said the Yankees will wake up and the world will be right again. Well to me it just looks like the Sox Machine is warming up now that the weather has and WOW! They even scored for Wake. The Yankees are not so well off. It's hard to win when the pitching staff has just been replaced by a batters tee.

thatdietcokegirl said...

to quote wendell the walrus from 'animal crossing': "so full, so happy!"

ok noone knows that reference. but...i' full. so happy!! ;D

man, i've never heard such booing after a game. not in recent memory anyway.

Townes said...

Wake with a 1.something ERA? I love it.

7 game lead? That's a lot, and who is going to beat us up? I mean, right now?

However, expect the Yanks to be neck to neck with us down the stretch, and expect Clemens to contribute.

But also look for Taveres to come through big time.

Fingers crossed, no injuries, especially to pitchers.

UUbuntu said...

Not to pour cold water on this, but there was a time when...

Look up the standings in the middle of July, 1978. I remember those days very well, and they temper my enthusiasm for what happens to the Sox in May.

Before we gloat too much over the MFY, let's pause to remember that May isn't September, and the beauty of sunny, warm, flower-filled days can give way to the August September browning of lawns and melting of dreams.

Having said this, it's nice that in May, all is right in the (baseball) world!

Peter N said...

Loving this!!!!!!!!!

Peter N said...

And well-written uubunto...that was then (and I was there), but this is now! I love now!

redsock said...

1978 -- Summer of the Gerbil.

62-28 at one point after the All-Star break, then ... not good times for a 14-year-old fan.

L-girl said...

When the Yankees were doing this in 1998, Allan kept telling me it couldn't last. It won't last, it won't last... and then it did last.

I see no reason why this can't last.

A seven-game deficit is hard to overcome. Clemens is only one man, and we don't know how he'll do. He can contribute, but not enough.

I don't think it will be neck and neck. Unless our neck is a giraffe and theirs is a... a stubby little creature with no neck and what little neck he has is painful so he can't even stretch it out and basically just tucks in his head and goes to sleep and can't make the playoffs.

L-girl said...

Look up the standings in the middle of July, 1978. I remember those days very well, and they temper my enthusiasm for what happens to the Sox in May.

Look up this man and see if he still works for the Boston Red Sox.

Uubuntu, Yankee fans live in the past. We should live in the present.

JackMackSoxer said...

Do not take '78 into consideration. This General Manager in this Ownership are truely legit (remember 2004? was it that long ago that you have forgotten already? Shame on you!)

Enjoy this ride to the World Series. It's going to be a great summer!!!!

Jere said...

As someone who grew up surrounded by Yankee fans, I'd just like to say, Let THEM bring up 1978. Why bring it up if you're a Sox fan?

Why don't I hear Sox fans saying, "Things are looking up, just like they were after we won the 2004 ALCS...and look what happened after that!"

Uubuntu: '78 tempered your enthusiasm for what the Sox do in May? And 2004 (or any other of the many years we finished ahead of the Yanks) did nothing to correct this? I'm not saying, Let's all turn into arrogant jerks, but come on, what's the point in bringing up 1978?

Bill said...

While I do not expect them to continue winning 70% of thier games, there is no reason (outside of injury) this team should not make the play offs either through the wildcard or Division..and really thats all we can say at this point.

tim said...

What a great title to this article

(that other tim that posted up there is an impostor! i did not say those things...ill be back later to follow up the mirabelli sunflower seeds story, since people somehow concluded that i did something to them. i was sitting there watching the game having a good time, i just thought it was awesome that mirabelli and my buddy were yelling at each other ultimately ending in him getting tossed, which he clearly deserved)

redsock said...

We got gerbilized in 1978 and it hurt like hell, but we should remember it took a near super-human effort from the MFY to even force a playoff game.

Now that MFY fans see that their team is unlike to rip off a nice stretch of wins, their only fallback option is that we will collapse.

Though, even if that happens, at this rate the Orioles will win the East and New York will still stay home.

L-girl said...

Oo, great stuff here, from everybody. Jere is so right, let's leave 1978 to the Yankees fans. They never stop bringing it up. We don't have to.

but we should remember it took a near super-human effort from the MFY to even force a playoff game.

Yeah! Good point.

Welcome back, real Tim. :)

Jackie said...

I'd also like to point out: 1978 was a really unusual occurrence, a perfect storm, if you will. Most of the time, when a team leaps to a huge lead, they stay in first place. Let's not allow something that happened ONCE, almost 30 years ago, ruin the awesomeness of what's happening right now!

L-girl said...

Jackie, very true! Very, very true. Very smart, this Jackie. Good good.

Most of the time, when a team leaps to a huge lead, they stay in first place.

R. Sock can probably run some numbers on this...?

redsock said...

R. Sock can probably run some numbers on this...?

I think you mean I can find an article by someone who ran the numbers. I don't have the databases for that stuff. I'm sure it's out there.

Last comment on 1978: The Red Sox won their last eight games of the regular season to get to a playoff game. Not the sign of a choking team. And what made the BFD game so amazing was that it was also a nearly exact microcosm of the regular season.

SoSHer Fratboy posted this today:

"You know what date I really like? June 13, 1988:

NYY 39 21 -
CLE 37 25 3.0
DET 36 24 3.0
MIL 32 30 8.0
BOS 28 30 10.0
TOR 29 34 11.5
BAL 16 45 23.5

Let the record show that the Yankees blew a 10 GAME LEAD over the Red Sox. Oddly, both Red Sox Nation and Yankeeland seem to have forgotten this."


I can't get the standings to appear in courier in a comment. The Red Sox won the East that season.

NY finished 3.5 games out: a swing of 13.5 games.

Almost exactly what happened the other way around ten years earlier.

Jackie said...

I'm guessing '88 was forgotten because it wasn't punctuated by a one-game playoff featuring a Bucky Dent HR. Finishing 3.5 GB (or GA, however you want to look at it) is easier to forget than a neck and neck end of season, anyway.

Jere said...

Red Sox Nation forgot Morgan's Magic '88? I think not. One of the greatest Sox seasons of my life. But I agree Yankee fans forgot about it...

And about '78, glad you brought up OUR comeback that year, in the final week, something my dad has cited every time '78 has been brought up--along with the fact that if stupid Sun-Maid Piniella hadn't miraculously stuck his glove out at the last second, well, among other things, Jerry Remy would be known for something completely different than he is now.

Jackie said...

I remember Morgan Magic, but I don't recall making up so much ground due to the streak. Of course, I was five in 1988, so YMMV. :)

tim said...

at least the only MFteam that will be an MFcontender come MFin September lost their MFin game to the MFariners.

check the Quiz thread for my comments on Sunflowabelli 2007 incident ;-)

L-girl said...

I think you mean I can find an article by someone who ran the numbers.

Indeed. For many of your readers, it's the same thing. You do the work, we enjoy it. :)