August 27, 2008

G132: Red Sox 11, Yankees 3

Red Sox - 200 020 070 - 11 13  0
Yankees - 100 100 001 - 3 8 0
Dustin Pedroia's grand slam capped a seven-run eighth inning, putting the second game of the series out of reach, and putting the toe tags on the Yankees' 2008 season.

Jason Bay drove in four of Boston's five runs, with a double, a triple and a sacrifice fly.

David Ortiz reached base four times for the second game in a row (in 10 PA, four walks, three doubles, and a single):
Tue: BB, 2B, F9, BB, 2B
Wed: 2B, BB, BB, 1-3, 1B
Byrd (6-5-2-2-5, 106) was superb, allowing only a couple of two-out RBI singles and staying out of any serious trouble. After the Yankees tied the score in the bottom of the fourth, the Red Sox stormed back to retake the lead -- and drive Ponson to the showers -- and Byrd retired seven of his last eight batters.

Manny Delcarmen pitched a beautiful seventh (K, K, P5) and Mike Timlin finished up the final two innings.


The Rays shutout the Blue Jays 1-0, the Twins edged the Mariners 6-5, and the Orioles routed the White Sox 11-3.

AL East: Boston 3.5 GB & New York 10.5 GB


Paul Byrd (4.61, 95 ERA+) / Sidney Ponson (4.67, 91 ERA+)

Ponson has made 10 starts for New York: 56 IP, 68 H, 22 BB, 21 K, 5.46 ERA, 1.607 WHIP. Opposing batters have an .862 OPS (.313/.383/.479).

Back on July 27, Ponson went 4-10-7-1-1 against the Red Sox. Grab your forks and knives, Red Sox batters, it's time to feast on the plump, drunk-drivin', judge-slappin' carcass of Sidney Alton Ponson!

With J.D. Drew on the disabled list (retroactive to August 18), the Red Sox are trying to swing a deal for Atlanta outfielder Mark Kotsay. Several media outlets reported the trade was completed last night, including Rogers Sportnet in Canada, but that appears to be incorrect. WAIT: Now it is done ... maybe.

And: Twins/Mariners at 4:30 and Blue Jays/Rays and White Sox/Orioles at 7.


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Tony said...

redsock, l-girl tells me you have given up on the movie-in-theater experience. Care to elaborate?

9casey said...

L-girl said...

So what do you hate, 9C? Besides vegetarians.

Lets clear that up before Jere gets the internet back.....I hate vegetarians who tell me they are vegetarians and all the fun things they do with tofu.....

redsock said...

redsock, l-girl tells me you have given up on the movie-in-theater experience. Care to elaborate?

People bringing 3-5 containers of food and enjoying a big loud dinner, people gabbing away in full voice, chating about their day, their friends, maybe what's on the screen, and getting pissed at me when I tell them to hush. Like I'm ruining their good time. It's beyond aggrivating -- and to actually pay $$$ for the privilege of getting so pissed off and angry is not a good thing.

I think we finally threw in the towel on theaters in the early 90s, 93 maybe?

Pepe Lepew said...

Blogger Tony said...

I've found that the movie theater experience is inversely proportional to the number of people in the theater. Seeing a film at an off-time with a few people there, in a prime middle seat, with some popcorn and a soda, is fantastic. Seeing a film on opening night when the theater's packed, with screaming kids and yokels that yell at the screen, is torture.

I totally agree with you...
... except the best time I *ever* had at a movie was when I went to the premiere of the first Star Trek Next Generation Movie ... and I don't even like Star Trek. The audience was packed to the rafters of geeky Trekkies and people yelled "Yeah!" when Data said "Oh, shit!" It was so much fun.

redsock said...

In short:

I hate people and I don't want to be stuck anywhere with them for very long. Medication can help only so much.

Tony said...

pepe, there are definitely times when a movie-watching experience can be fun in a crowded theater. I remember seeing Grindhouse and the audience was just amped for EVERYTHING. I mean, everything. The climactic car chase at the end of Death Proof blew the roof off the mother. Those experiences, sadly, are far too rare.

redsock, you pretty much nailed the crappy side of crowded theaters. I should mention that I also hate being around people, but I think that's just social anxiety disorder, coupled with my own agoraphobia. When I visited London, I was stuck in a window seat the whole flight, and very nearly had a panic attack.

redsock said...

These reader comments at the Post are hilarious:

Bobby Abreu..tip toeing to the it had radiation...come on gotta go after that...then they show replay of Jacoby Ellsbey crashing into wall..loosing his contact lens..making great catch. HARD NOSED BASEBALL PLAYER!!!!thats the type of players yanks should have...
Posted by: dave on August 27, 2008 11:13 PM

Now I'm a little embarrassed about how excited I was to see Manny leave Boston. I still can't believe their farm hands beat our squad of All-Stars.
Posted by: Embarrassed on August 27, 2008 11:13 PM

I guess Abreu got tired of hearing about how he wont go near the wall, so he decided to lunge into it at about 10% normal speed, after almost coming to a complete stop...oh, and he forgot to actually attempt to catch the ball while doing so. But hey, after 12 yr career, he finally knows what the wall padding in a stadium feels like.
Posted by: NY Fan on August 27, 2008 11:04 PM

Genius Joe Girardi said the loss was not due to a lack of effort. A wise reporter followed up with if was not a lack of effort, what was it a lack of? Genius Joe, responded, that is just baseball.
The Yankees lost because of a LACK of PERSONAL PRIDE.
The Yankees lost because of a lack of PROFESSIONAL PRIDE.
The Yankees lost because of a lack of TEAM PRIDE which has been a HALLMARK to the unprecedented success the Yankees have historically had.
This LACK of PRIDE reflects poorly on the field manager, the general manager and the ownership.
Posted by: albie on August 27, 2008 11:04 PM

Paul Byrd? We can't even hit Paul freakin Byrd. This is such a disgrace I have not seen in the 43 years I have been a fan. This team has completely quit. Which for the money they are getting paid they should be ashamed of themselves. And any fan who attends a game should have their heads examined. Did I just hear right on the postgame show that the Little Genius himself just said this is not the end of the world. Now I know his brain is cracked. ... But don't worry there are only 30 more games to go. Turn out the lights the party's over.
Posted by: Dan R on August 27, 2008 10:52 PM

Jose Veras did well tonight, David robertson too....... Yup yup yup, We sure have one hell of a bullpen.
Posted by: Bryan on August 27, 2008 10:49 PM


Tony said...

I honestly think it might behoove the Yankees to try to move some of their contracts at the waiver deadline. I have no idea how they'll be able to, but it certainly seems worth a shot.

Of course, I wouldn't be suggesting this if I didn't think the Yankees had no chance in hell of moving anyone and were still stuck with some ball and chains next season. :)

nick said...

ah man! I missed the vinyl discussion because...I played two hours of the flat, black circular (ok, one was yellow). I did a roots reggae, dub, dancehall show tonight.

Anyhow. I am a minor record fetishist. The first decade of CDs generally sounded crappy because the material was mastered for vinyl and CDs came off incredibly bright and brittle. nasty. Once they started (re)mastering for CD, things definitely improved and some CDs sound great compared to the original LPs (I gotta say that the remastered version of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters is really fantastic. Some things sound better on CD, some on vinyl.

For a while there in the 90s I bought mostly CDs, but also my fair share of 45s and LPs (mostly drone/psych stuff). As I began to download more, CDs really lost their appeal. I can burn a CD whenever and there's no difference between that and one I buy at the store. But I can buy a record, have a tactile experience and dig the cover art as it should be.

I pretty much buy vinyl exclusively now (I DJ with vinyl on occasion--I'm available for your next party) and only buy CDs if it's a band that I see who don't have records.

I have subscribed to emusic since they started and do my fair share of otherwise finding music online. I won't buy DRMed music.

I love having 4 or 5 gigs of music in my pocket that I can play anywhere and I love trying to read a record label as it spins at 45rpm.

I love bacon and I love listening to the inner band of a record as it lopes along without music...just the sound of the record itself.

Zenslinger said...

Crushing win. Yankee fans just face down in their beer. It was so bad in the Bar I did not even celebrate Pedroia's slam. It spoke for itself.

A win tomorrow? At this point it's not about driving the Yanks into the ground. It's about putting another in the W column for us and getting us into the playoffs, maybe without too much drama. What we'll do when we get there I can't say, but I'm hopeful for a good run.

A Conformer said...

I've got a profound weakness for Rush and Gabriel-era Genesis, so what do I know?

I have a tendency for after hours threading that nobody will read, but I had to say: James, Gabriel-era Genesis is great. In a shitty town in Chile the hostel owner put on a Gabriel show from the 90s and I almost cried from all the cheesiness, but back then he had that bite. And 2112 and Moving Pictures are also on the hall of very good. As far as I'm concerned, you do know something (:

And oh, yeah. 11-3. Nice.

nixon33 said...

tonight a lot of weird shit happened.
i met michael kay.
i met the sam adams the owner who smells the hops.
i have a fistfull of yankee infield dirt in my back pocket.
i didnt get too drunk. weird.
i'll say more tomorrow.

9casey said...

nixon33 said...
tonight a lot of weird shit happened.
i met michael kay.

And you are not in jail and he is still alive....Nix is your bark worse than your bite, cracker

L-girl said...

Nix is your bark worse than your bite

I hope it is!

(So does Michael Kay.)

L-girl said...

pepe, there are definitely times when a movie-watching experience can be fun in a crowded theater.

It's safe to say I would never willingly attend a movie where this would be the case. I haven't seen a movie with a car chase or an explosion in decades.

Some movies need a big screen, visually. That's what weekday 1:00 shows are for.

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