December 26, 2006

Slow Week

Not a lot of news this week -- and we are finishing up our packing for our January 2 moving date -- so things should be light around here.

In the DR, David Ortiz gives us more reasons to love him.

Also: I am changing servers for my 1918 Red Sox site, so it might be down for a short time in the next week.


kaylee said...

who doesn't love David Ortiz.He is a great hitter.He helps alot in the community.and there are alot of other things to like I liked that article thanks for sharing it.good luck with the move!

Ben said...

hey, I'm currently trying to redesign my blog through html editing, which is very hard under blogger beta, but you said you didn't like the nav bar at the top of the page. well here's the code to get rid of it:


That's my Christmas present to you this year. Merry belated Christmas

Peter N said...

I wish they'd let me change my blog to beta...and now they're "out." But I'll keep writing...Happy healthy New Year!!!!!!!

Jere said...

Get Firefox.

Zenslinger said...

Zito to the Giants -- nice. Will be some reason for us SF'ers to go to the park besides the Frankenstein monster.

Zenslinger said...

And it keeps him outta the AL -- not that he's so scary a pitcher, but would have been very good for the Yanks.