December 22, 2006


I finally upgraded to the new version of Blogger.

I changed the font from Verdana to Trebuchet and put the post titles in the same red font as the blog title. The very cool thing for readers is the Archives, which are way down on the right hand side. You can use the arrows to expand the years and months -- and go directly to any post.

The only bad thing I can find so far is the re-emergence of the search bar at the top of the page. I really liked not having that.


redsock said...

I noticed that this post is #2,004. :>)

Timmy Mac said...

Say...that archive list is pretty swank. I'm looking at Blogger's options - what did you choose to get that? Just "monthly?"

Jack Marshall said...

Ok,'s my Christmas gift to the Joy of Sox and the gang..either this parody itself, or the fact that's it's my last one of 2006, which ever makes you happier:

Or “A Visit From Saint Manny”

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and at Fenway Park

Theo Epstein was plotting alone in the dark.

The bullpen was painted and furnished with care

In hopes that a closer would soon settle there.

Poor Tito had wakened, upset from a dream,

In which Manny was traded for cash and Sid Bream.

While John Henry, in secret, (you can probably guess)

Was printing more millions on his personal press.

When suddenly, outside arose such a squall

That they ran to the field and looked up at the wall.

Why, was it a vision? A joke? Or a stunt?

No, a vintage year Porsche, with eight Red Sox in front!

And driving the sports car, costumed to appear as

St. Nicholas, there he was: Manny Ramirez!

And he shouted, “I’ve flown from the Gulf, past Atlanta,

Just to give you a gift, so let Manny be Santa!”

Then down from the Monster the flying Porshe came

Pulled by all of the line-up as he called them by name:

“Now, Youkilis! Coco! Now, J.D. and Papi!

Let’s deliver our present and make the brass happy!

On Varitek, Lowell, Pedroia and Lugo!

Make sure you pull straight, ‘cause I’m going where you go!”

As a Wile Mo homer blasts into the sky,

That Porshe went soaring a Coke bottle high!

Then it swooped to the infield and stopped on the mound

And out of the car Manny came with a bound.

A mysterious bag he had flung on his back,

And its contents were squirming, ‘til he gave it a whack.

“I’ve read all your letters,” Manny said, “and it’s clear

“That a superstar closer’s what you all want this year.

“So the guys pooled their pocket change, hired a lab,

“Got Bill James to advise us and picked up the tab

“For some scientists, cloners and grave-robbers too

“To whip up a closer both classic and new!

“He’s got Eckersley’s fastball and Gossage’s nerve;

He can throw Wilhelm’s knuckler, and Flash Gordon’s curve;

With Bruce Sutter’s splitter, and Bob Stanley’s sinker

(We would have used D-Lowe's, if he wasn’t a drinker...)

Plus Stu Miller’s slow-ball, with Jeff Reardon’s head,

On Dick Radatz’s body, even though he’s still dead.”

Then out of the sack, all covered with stitches,

Crawled a composite closer who had six perfect pitches!

“DADDY!” he cried, as he hugged and kissed Tito,

While Epstein’s mouth gaped, and John Henry said, “Neat-o!”

“And the best part,” said Manny, as he slammed the car's door,

“Is he’ll play for just for fun, and wants nothing more!”

He revved up his car, gave the line-up a holler

“But the rest of us promise to earn every dollar!”

As the car flew away, Manny’s voice rang out clear:

"Happy Christmas! Let’s win the World Series next year!”

redsock said...

Just "monthly?"

Yeah. I checked:

Show Post Titles


Also at the end of comments, there are links to the previous post or next post (if it exists).

redsock said...

Excellent! The best one yet, Jack!!

L-girl said...

Great look, Redsock.

L-girl said...

Jack, wow!! Brilliant. Positively brilliant.

I was going to try a poem, but now I'm too intimidated. :/

L-girl said...

On the upgrade, I don't know what the big deal is about the Nav Bar. It's nothing. Who cares. Getting the cool archives is way worth it.

I have archive envy.

redsock said...

Jack: Can I post your poem as an actual post on 12/24-25?

Jere said...

L: My opinion on the search bar is that it's forced on me as opposed to before, when you could choose to have or not have it. However, I just did a search using it, and the search results come up in a much cooler way than before! Try it. So, now it's not that big a deal. An option to shut it off would still be cool, though.

Nice job, Jack. I will describe the height of tall things in relation to the height of the Coke bottles from here forward.

Jere said...

Jose's Keys 2 the Game also has a Manny-themed "'Twas the Night..."

You guys are poets and you did not know that.

s1c said...

Actually I like the labels, it allows me to do the assign to certain categories, just think you coule make a Manny love label and every post about manny could easily be pulled up.

Jack Marshall said...

Redsock: If you'd like to post it, I'd be honored. After all, it belongs to the Joy of Sox to do with as it pleases!

Jack Marshall said...

I read Jose's effort. He gets docked poetry points for shaky scansion, rhyming "clear" to "mirror" and a plural to a singular, and parody points for not making much of an effort to evoke the original. Rules are rules.

But I liked his story.

Jere said...

Hey, have you spell-checked yet? It's divine.

Jack Marshall said...

Tooshay, Jere!
I sure had THAT coming.

Here's how stupid I am...I actually relied on my 12 year-old car-obsessed son, who spells even worse than I do, for the spelling of "Porsche!" It did look wrong to me; do I get credit for that?
I didn't think so...

Of course, the only car I can spell is "junker"...if Redsock runs the poem, I trust he'll fix the spelling of the sports car, since he drives one.

Jere said...

Jack, I was just talking about the new spell-check on the new blogger, asking if redsock had tried it yet. It's much cooler than before. That's all I was sayin'...

Sorry for the confusion.

Jack Marshall said...

Boi, doo I nede THAT!

(No need to be apologetic, my friend; I was already feeling guilty about being snotty toward's Jose's poem.)

Peter N said...

And, well hi and happiness and health to you. Blogger won't let me switch...I wonder why. Maybe my Safari browser? If you know, I could use your help. But more importantly, have a great holiday season filled with happiness and MOST importantly, health. the most important thing. Peter from down here in warm, too warm with no snow Connecticut.

9casey said...

Pete, I must concur, it is way to hot in ct too enjoy the season to the fullest........So, I told my wife she couldn't turn the heat on...That went over well....Merry Christmas to all.......

Ben said...

Peter, that is exaclty what it is. Because of Blogger's new technology, most of which isn't applicable in Safari, you're going to have to switch over to Firefox to do that.

Btw, I have to say I am very pleased with what Google has done with Blogger. Although I didn't like having to discard my old template, the addition of labels made me forget about that.

I tried manual labels myself for a while using Delicious and it was hard work and I eventually abandoned the idea.

This and the re-done archives make me love Google even more.

P.S. Jack, that was an awesome poem. Redsock, please post that so I can come back to it in the future.

Jere said...

The old Blogger spell-check: Wait for team of helper elves to walk onto screen, go into huddle, decide which words may be spelled incorrectly, report back to you on each word individually, etc, etc.

The new: Your post remains exactly as is, only the possible culprits are highlighted. Put your mouse over one and some alternate spellings pop up. Very cool.

I'm also worried losing all my template changes, so I haven't "upgraded" the template, allowing for the cooler archiving. It says it saves your old template. Does anyone know if this s true and how easy it is to just go back to the old, or grab elements of it and put them in the new?

Jere said...

Oh, and 'sock, about a day before you mentioned this was your 2,004th post, I noticed I hit the MartyBarrett-hundred milestone on my blog, and thought about how 2,004 would be coming up relatively soon.