August 12, 2007

41 Up, 41 Down

White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks has retired the last 41 batters he has faced, covering 14 games dating back to July 17. This afternoon, he tied Jim Barr's major league record.

Here's a list of the first 38 batters (which tied David Wells for the AL record). Jenks is not speaking to the media while the streak is alive.
Year Batters Retired

Jim Barr, Giants 1972 41
Bobby Jenks, White Sox 2007 41
Tom Browning, Reds 1988 40
Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks 2004 39
Harvey Haddix, Pirates 1959 38
David Wells, Yankees 1998 38
Barr set his record in two games, retiring the last 21 Pittsburgh batters he faced on August 23 and retiring the first 20 Cardinals he faced on August 29 (Future Sock Bernie Carbo ended the streak with a double).

Jenks has pitched 14 innings in his streak. In one outing, he came in with a runner on base and got a double play, so he has faced 41 batters in 14 innings, not 42.

Chicago plays in Oakland on Tuesday night.

1 comment:

tim said...

I'm impressed. Records being broken are awesome.

(Wonder if they'll stop the game and have video greetings and on-field interviews with Jenks if he does it :P)