August 29, 2007

Was Gagne Tipping His Pitches?

Rob Bradford of the Herald writes that after watching hours and hours of video with pitching coach John Farrell, Eric Gagne may have found a flaw in his delivery:
What the Red Sox reliever was doing was holding his glove down by his waist before his delivery and then grabbing for the ball in a different manner, depending on the pitch. For a fastball he was coming in more from the side, for a breaking ball from the top.

To fix the problem Gagne started with his glove higher, eliminating the tell by grabbing every pitch in the same manner.
Gagne changed his approach on August 19. His Boston stats:
           G IP  H  R BB  K  ERA   AVG  OBP  SLG
Aug 2-17 7 6 14 10 3 8 15.00 .452 .500 .742
Aug 19-28 4 4 4 0 1 5 0.00 .250 .294 .250

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