August 14, 2007

Papelbon Usage

Jonathan Papelbon is being used much less frequently this season. Through games of August 13:
      APP  IP   H  BB  SO   ERA  PIT-STR
2006 52 60 33 12 62 0.90 880-608
2007 42 42 23 14 61 1.93 688-475
At this time last year, Papelbon had thrown almost 200 more pitches than he has this season. (His percentage of strikes for both periods of time is 69%.)

By August 14, 2006, Papelbon pitched in back-to-back games 14 times and on one day's rest 14 times. So far in 2007, he has pitched on back-to-back days only 5 times and only 9 times on one day's rest.

After last night's game, in which Papelbon became the first Red Sox reliever to collect at least 28 saves in back-to-back seasons, Francona said: "I thought Pap looked as fresh as we've seen him. It's the middle of August, and that's probably as hard as he's thrown."

Snuffer agreed: "Tito's done a perfect job with me this year. I feel as good as I ever have."

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