August 5, 2007

Update on Hinske

Hinske's going through some difficulties. His wife is having a very difficult pregnancy. Then, the other day, his grandmother passed away, so it's not been a real good time for him. We're working on what we can do with him because we need to get him home.
Francona did not mention Brandon Moss, but if Hinske is placed on the bereavement list, they can replace him on the active roster.

So the team will make two moves either tonight or tomorrow: making room on the roster for Curt Schilling and possibly replacing Hinske.


CaKeY said...

Damn, I hope things go well with the baby.

L-girl said...

I know. "Difficult pregnancy" is a scary thing to hear.

I like Hinske. He's been good off the bench.

Jere said...

If Hinske can get the death certificate for his grandma, (saying it's for an admittedly rudimentary scrapbook of her life) he can get the bereavement fare, and Moss can come up.

(I really hope that episode wasn't from the last three seasons, or you'll think I'm crazy.)

redsock said...

The double-dip!

GEORGE: I understand you offer a 50%-off 'bereavement' fare...

CLERK: Yes, all you have to do is pay the full fare now, then return to any one of our counters with a copy of the death certificate, and we'll refund half your fare.

GEORGE: The death certificate?

CLERK: Yes, yes, we do need documentation or you know, people could take advantage.

GEORGE: What kind of a sick person would do a thing like that?

CLERK: I know! But it happens.


Late in Season 4 -- you're safe.

Seasons 1-6 = Gold

Season 7 = Starting to slip here and there

Season 8 - Laura says No, Allan finds some lines for the entire season amusing

Season 9 = "Have you lost it, man?"

Jere said...

Yeah, I figured that one was so classic, I couldn't picture you two not knowing and loving it.

I like your chart. Meaning, if everyone settled on that as the definitive Seinfeld-funniness chart, I could live with that. I still say even the worst Seinfeld episode is better than your average show, and I think they're all funny--even season 9.

chief said...

That's the double-dipping episode, isn't it? That's a classic among classics.