August 31, 2007

New Nickname for Joba?

We've used "the Hut", "Pizza" and "Chambermaid". It appears that Josh Beckett has his own nickname.

This loop was uploaded to SoSH by Captain Laddie. Beckett is yelling at Chamberlain from the dugout after the second of Joba's two pitches sails over Youkilis's head.

Beckett's start against the MFY at Fenway should be interesting.


tim said...

Hey, F'ing C-word! ?

That's what i get out of that. Am I correct in my presumption?

Anyway back to Team America uncensored on comedy central :P

dirka-dirka muhammad jihad!

allan said...

I believe it is:

"Get out of here you ..."

allan said...

"JtC" ?

Jere said...

"Hey, F'ing C-word! ?"

Tim, check out that day's game thread. (search the c word. although it could be one of two c words, I guess)

Beth said...

it is "get outta here you fing c." this is def. one of the best uses of animated .gif ever. :)

look at the way he savors the c-word--truly professional cussing right there.

laura k said...

C-word? Joy Nation becoming so delicate all of a sudden?

allan said...


thatdietcokegirl said...

i love beckett.