February 20, 2008

The Brothers Steinbrenner

Today's silly quote from Hank Steinbrenner:
Truthfully, I think Girardi is going to end up being one of the greatest managers in the history of the game. That's my gut feeling. He reminds me of Billy Martin - without the baggage.
Well, Girardi did get a reputation of abusing young arms in Florida -- something Martin clearly did with the 1980-82 Atheltics.

GQ's Nate Penn sat down with the more introverted Hal Steinbrenner for a lengthy Q&A. The closing:
Are you willing to concede that Boston, my favorite team, is the superior organization right now?

No, I will never concede. They've got a lot of talent, and you've done very well the past few years, but let me put it this way: I don't think you guys wanted to play us in the ALCS. So I will concede nothing. I think we're better than you.
The Herald errs and attributes the quote to Hank.

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Jere said...

I always joke about how Yankee fans will always claim to be better than us no matter how many World Series we win. But there it is right there: Red Sox win World Series (and division), Yankee owner claims superiority. This is a fundamental difference between Yankees and Red Sox. I know Laura disagrees, but I'm just saying, we know how to handle defeat. If we didn't, we would've given up on our team decades ago. Did you hear any Red Sox fans after 2003 boasting that we we were the better team anyway? Or, after the Yanks had won 4 titles in 5 years, saying, "we're clearly the better team"? If they wanna brag, they should win first. "Didn't want to play us in the ALCS"? Doesn't look like THEY wanted to play Cleveland--who we beat. And NOBODY wanted to play the Rockies, but we swept them.

Regardless, I love that these new Little Steins are so hatable. Wouldn't want it any other way.