February 7, 2008

Globe: No Surgery For Schilling; Out At Least Until All-Star Break

The Globe's Gordon Edes reports:
Curt Schilling will not have shoulder surgery for what appears to be a partial tear of his rotator cuff, despite the recommendation of the doctor who operated on the shoulder in 1995, and will follow the more conservative course recommended by Sox medical director Thomas Gill, after the club and player agreed to submit to today's recommendation by an outside medical expert.

Even without surgery, the 41-year-old Schilling is not expected to be ready to pitch until the All-Star break ...

Schilling passed a physical before he signed a one-year, $8 million contract to return to the club last November. But the pitcher apparently experienced a recurrence of the shoulder discomfort that sidelined him for seven weeks last summer. ...

According to one source, the Sox raised the possibility that Schilling would forfeit his contract if he proceeded to have surgery without their permission, and there were indications that the dispute has led to strained feelings between the parties.
Sounds like anything we get from G38 this year will be a bonus.

Amalie Benjamin offers her thoughts.


Saturday is Truck Day!!!

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SoSock said...

Good piece by Benjamin.
I wasn't counting on more than a 10 win season from Schill anyway, and Buck can replace that.
Did you see Edes' "Top 10 Red Sox Storylines" piece a day or 2 earlier? Some nice photos in that one, the usual stuff in the text, altho I like how he referred to Manny's season as "the salary drive" :)
I haven't learned to link in my posts yet, but it's at boston.com/sports in the gallery listing - middle of the page.
I really want a hoodie like the one Pedroia is wearing. That's sharp! I'll be browsing the MLB store tonight, I guess.