February 7, 2008

Schilling Might Need Shoulder Surgery; Red Sox Explored Voiding '08 Contract

Nick Cafardo and Gordon Edes, Globe:
Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling will not be ready for the start of spring training because of shoulder issues, and is engaged in a dispute with the club over whether he needs surgery, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter. ...

Schilling recently went to see Dr. Craig Morgan, who performed his shoulder surgery in 1995. ... [I]t is believed Morgan is recommending Schilling have surgery, while the club is recommending another course.
Tony Massarotti, Herald:
[S]ources have indicated that the club has at least inquired about the possibility of voiding the one-year, $8 million contract Schilling signed last November. It is not known to what lengths the Sox have gone on the matter, but their threat has been serious enough to create a conflict between Schilling and the Red Sox.


Zenslinger said...

As I mentioned in the projections thread, this is not a disaster for the rotation's overall ERA, but is bad for our depth.

redsock said...

Herald: "While the precise nature of Schilling’s injury is not known, it is believed that the right-hander is suffering from an injury to the rotator cuff and/or labrum that might require surgery. It is possible that the sides disagree on how to treat Schilling's ailment and that a course of treatment, too, is a part of their disagreement."

Clay Buchholz has got to be somewhat happy at this news.

redsock said...

In other news, Hinske signed with Tampa.


When reached via e-mail by the Globe's Amalie Benjamin today, Schilling declined to comment on this story about his ailing shoulder, writing "I cannot comment right now on any of this, sorry!"


Pitching depth is good.

Zenslinger said...

Considering that Buchholz can't go a full 200 innings and we can't depend too much on Wakefield, I wonder if this doesn't make Theo think about signing a Lohse or some other mediocre-but-dependable starter.

I don't know if anyone in our rotation is a sure thing in terms of health except Matsuzaka.

Gabbard would be nice to have around.

Zenslinger said...

On adding a pitcher, Crisp to Oakland for Blanton or Harden? Yahoo lists Chris Denorfia in CF for the A's on their depth chart.

I remember reading a little rundown recently as to why it is several teams who might have been interested in Crisp aren't any longer. But even in a rebuilding year, you'd think having Crisp's glove out there would give the A's something to talk up.

redsock said...

Blanton talk here. Reds seem like the most active team.

I assume Beane would ignore Coco completely and ask for Lyndon and other prospects.

It was expected that G38 would miss some time this year. I think I'm fine with Beckett-Dice-Lester-Buchholz-Wakefield & Sexy Lips and, if necessary, go after someone in July.

Zenslinger said...

Thanks for that link. I'm surprised at what the A's would want for Blanton, but unfortunately I think you're right. It would take LBJ (no way) or Crisp + something significant.

As someone says in the comments section in the link you provided, Blanton might be a good workhorse, but any talk of Lohse would have to be strictly a one-year thing, which might not be the best deal he can get.