February 8, 2008

McNamee Says He Injected Clemens's Wife With HGH Before 2003 SI Photo Shoot

Damn. When McNamee said it was war, he meant WAR.

Daily News:
Brian McNamee told congressional investigators Thursday that Roger Clemens' wife took human growth hormone before she appeared with the pitcher in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue in 2003, according to a Washington source.

Debbie Clemens appeared with her husband in a photograph taken in Central Park in the magazine's Feb. 18, 2003 issue wearing a bikini and holding a bat over her shoulders while Roger Clemens reclined on the ground in his Yankee uniform.

"McNamee discussed his wife's use before the committee," according to the source. "She was trying to get in shape for the SI cover. He told them the story that Debbie took growth."

McNamee testified that he injected her at Roger Clemens' direction, according to the source. ...
Just when I think this can't get any better .... LOL!


redsock said...

Maybe these weren't doctored after all!

Who gets named tomorrow -- Koby, Kory or Kotex?


Jere said...

"Remember, Jerry. It's not a lie... if YOU believe it."


You took the guffaws right outta my mouth.

s1c said...

Roidger is going down, down, down!!!!

SoSock said...

NOW we're having fun! :>

SoSock said...

You've GOT to see the back page of the Post that Mighty Quinn has up his site!