February 19, 2008

Mr. Hankee At It Again

Hank Steinbrenner can't keep his yapper shut.

He admits that the lack of Red Sox names in George Mitchell's report has been eating at him since it was released approximately two months ago.
I don't think they would want to be hollering too loud at Andy up in Fenway. They had plenty of players doing this stuff, too. It's just that those players weren't mentioned in the Mitchell Report. That's my biggest problem with the Mitchell Report.
Say what? His biggest issue with the Report isn't the high number of Yankees that are alleged to have taken steroids and PEDs, but that there weren't enough Boston players named. ... Obsessed much?

Andy Pettitte arrived in Tampa and faced the press. He said he was both "desperate" and "stupid", but not a cheater.

Overall, he seems to have received positive marks from the fans and press (though this Newsday columnist wasn't fooled).

Let's remember that Pettitte's candor came only once the evidence against him was out of the bag. It's highly unlikely that he would have volunteered this information absent the Mitchell Report. And we should recall that the last time Pettitte told "the truth" about his illegal drug use -- only two months ago -- he "forgot" to mention his 2004 use of HGH. Pettitte admitted that he wasn't telling the truth when he made his December comments, though he certainly let his teammates and fans think he was being honest and upright.

Asked about Roger Cemens's claim that he "misremembered" their conversations, Pettitte said:
I testified under oath. Roger said what he had to say. ... I don't take it as a personal attack. Roger is a grown man and he feels he is doing the right thing.

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Bartman said...

Last week was the first time I had ever heard Pettite's voice. He's quite a cracker, eh?