February 19, 2008

Day-Old News

Curt Schilling spoke about his right shoulder injury and the dispute with the team over diagnosis and treatment with some hand-picked members of the media on Monday. (No one from the Globe was invited.)
If [the team's] course of action doesn't work, I don't pitch this year, and I may never pitch again. I don't really have a choice. I have to mentally get behind it and do everything I can do to make it work. ...

I signed a contract with this team ... from a medical standpoint, they're allowed to dictate how and when things are supposed to happen. ... I will have to have the surgery no matter what, that was made very clear to me. I will have to have the biceps procedure at some point in the very near future in my life if I want to live a pain-free, normal life.
Schilling said he still believes that Dr. Craig Morgan's recommendation was his best option.
As soon as he tells me, 'You can be back and ready to go by All-Star break, pre All-Star break,' that's the best news I ever heard. I immediately jumped on that. ... I'm obviously going to fall back on the guy who's already been down this path before and who has always been right.
Schilling spoke with Theo Epstein "early on when the Santana stuff came up, because I knew I was not in a good situation. I knew if we started to poke around medically that word might get out." ... There is also an update at 38 Pitches: "I will pitch again, and win, but it will be on a timetable I just don't know yet."

John Henry said that Schilling:
shouldn't be upset because we're trying to do what is in the best interest of Curt and the team. I heard the arguments, and I felt we were doing the right thing.
Pictures from camp show Josh Beckett with what looks like a beer gut, but the Courant's Jeff Goldberg writes that those images are "deceptive. Beckett looks as lean and limber as ever. And Beckett in motion, throwing his first official side session Saturday, looked better than any snapshot, his fluid windup and arm action already in midseason form."

The Red Sox talked to the Reds about Scott Hatteberg before they decided to sign Sean Casey.


Jack Marshall said...

It was a grossly unfair article by Dan S in the Globe, implying without any evidence or justification that Schilling defrauded the Sox into his contract, and using Keith Fouke's admittedly exemplary conduct in giving up his Cleveland contract last year when he couldn't pitch as something Schilling is somehow obligated to emulate now. Whatever one thinks of Schilling's ego or political beliefs, he has earned the benefit of the doubt as far as his integrity is concerned. Doesn't it seem that Shaunessey's big beef with Curt is that he has the audacity to write a blog rather than let sportswriters misquote him?
It's not my money, and I suspect that Schilling may indeed be through. But he played a big part in two World Championships, and whatever he gets from the Sox, he's already earned, with interest.

L-girl said...

A grossly unfair article by the CHB? In the words of Ralph Kramden, "Ohhhh, what a surprise!!!"

s1c said...

Curt didn't have to invite the Globe, NESN was there to cover for the Globe.

Listened to Tony Maz on WEEI yesterday and he stated that Curt has issues with more than CHB at the globe, but since they own 20% of NESN they will just have to live with lack of access to Curt.