February 15, 2008

Red Sox Overwhelming Pick To Win Title

MLB.com asked either the GM or manager of every major league team which club (other than their own) would likely win the 2008 World Series?

The Red Sox were the overwheming favorite (17 votes), followed by the Tigers (7), Cleveland (3), Mets (2) and Atlanta (1).

Most common WS match-up: Red Sox-Mets (10 votes).

Jonathan Papelbon held court at camp yesterday (turns out his dog didn't eat the WS ball). ... Bruce Hurst will work as a minor league pitching coach this spring.


rob said...

Beat me to it!

It's starnge to be in this position with the Sox.

I've adjusted to it with the Pats, but I like the Sox as underdogs... and we're losing that label.

Things could be worse...

Jack Marshall said...

Talk about the kiss of death...!