February 27, 2008

Phil Hughes, Blogger

This might be worth reading this season.

He started writing on January 16.


Patrick said...

How can we kidnap Huges and get him in Boston? Maybe we could change his name to Doug Mirabelli, and switch the two.

Oh well.

tim said...

Oh man. Looks like a quality internet web blog.

Woti-woti said...

I just invested a half hour of my time on the phone with MLB.com (combination of on hold and waiting for the guy to answer my question). I'll share my bounty:

1. If you purchase MLB-TV on the monthly basis, tomorrow's Sox game will count as a March one (should be a no-brainer, but it took 7 minutes for the guy to get back to me).

2. If you sign up for the monthly package, there should be an 'opt-out' tick for the automatic renewal, thereby eliminating last spring's hassles.