February 23, 2008

Party Time

Roger Clemens, deposition to Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, February 5, 2008:
I never was at the party. ... I was not at this party. ... No. ... I wasn't at the party. I know I wasn't at the party. ... I just know for a fact I wasn't at the party. ... I wasn't there.
Statement of Rusty Hardin, Clemens's lawyer, February 22, 2008:
[Roger] may have stopped by the Canseco house after playing golf before heading to the ballpark for the game.
The Daily News reports that the father of the boy who took the pictures contacted Hardin before Clemens's appearance before the committee. Richard Emery, McNamee's lawyer, says Hardin "walked away from it, probably because he didn't want any contradictory evidence that showed Clemens was at the party".


9casey said...

Maybe I missed this whole thing, but what went on at this party that it is such a big deal?.........

tim said...

They all shared needles and shot up intervenes steroids into each others buttocks, then Canseco went and hit dongs.

At least that's my view of it.

Jere said...

I seem to remember he kinda started changing his tune during the testimony. Like, he finally came in with, "Oh I may have dropped my wife and the backwards K's off there." And then didn't he say, "If I was, it wasn't for a drug deal..."? Something like that. 9casey--go back a few posts, and redsock explains where the key to the party was that that was a big thing from the Republican side to act like McNamee was crazy. It really was disgusting watching that one guy just dismiss McNamee with "oh, come on," and now here's the fucking evidence.

redsock said...

The Blue Jays were playing an interleague series against the Marlins (June 8-10, 1998) and Canseco had a lunch party at his house in Miami.

McNamee was there and he said he saw Canseco, Clemens and a third person meeting inside the house. And because Canseco has said many times that he and Clemens often discussed how to take Deca-Durabolin and Winstrol and the benefits of the drugs, it's believed that this was one of those times.

Billy has made this a big deal (including engaging in some pretty clear witness tampering) by insisting that he wasn't there -- and trying to get people to draw the dubious conclusion that if McNamee was mistaken in saying that Clemens was at the party, then McNamee never, ever, ever shot him with 'roids over a period of several years.

It makes no sense, of course. Billy is grasping at anything he can to show McNamee's memory may not be infallible. It's all he's got at this point -- and an 11-year-old's photos may torpedo this point!

McNamee says that after that road trip, the Jays returned to Toronto and Clemens brought up the subject of steroids for the first time and asked for McNamee's help. Later that summer, Clemens brought in some Winstrol and McNamee injected him.

In the deposition, Clemens gets angry that "McNamee has me being a drug dealer". It sounds like it's implied that Clemens bought these drugs while at the party -- maybe from this third person whom McNamee did not recognize -- but that wouldn't make him a drug dealer per se.

It seems like the whole "He's sayin' Ahm a drug dealer, y'all" is a diversion -- as Fathead gets all huffy about something that hasn't really been alleged.

redsock said...

Not only do his kids all have first names beginning with "K" but they all have middle names beginning with "A":

Koby Aaron
Kory Allen
Kacy Austin
Kody Alec

redsock said...

Roger: "That photograph misremembered."

Amy said...

Not only do his kids all have first names beginning with "K" but they all have middle names beginning with "A":

What is the A for? Asshole?