February 28, 2008


Any other college wants a piece o' us?
Boston College - 000 000 0 -  0   1  3
Red Sox - 080 592 x - 24 16 1

Northeastern - 000 000 0 - 0 3 2
Red Sox - 114 423 x - 15 14 0
Yeah. I thought so.

39 runs, 30 hits, 27 walks ... and only four hits allowed!

Tomorrow night, Boston visits the Twins at 7 PM. Daisuke Matsuzaka gets the start, with Jeemer, White Flag and Sexy Lips getting some mound time. Boof Bonser gets the start for Minnesota. .. Gotta order my MLB.TV!


tim said...

Man. Tore a strip off them colleges - good! Send a message!

redsock said...

Yeah - higher education is for losers!


tim said...


*enrolls in spring term classes* :-(

Dan said...

Did anyone try and lay down a bunt?

Jere said...

All that scoring done in just 12 offensive innings....

I'm missing this game tonight and NESN's not showing a replay! Terrible job. Wouldn't want to pre-empt those countless hours of paid programming...

Colin said...

Oh I would've loved to see some Bot action on those silly edumacated college kids.

By the way, for some guaranteed hilarity you should check out his advertising skills on those YouTube videos. He can pitch 'til the cows come home but he can't act for shit.