February 2, 2008

Manny Set To Play Until 2020

The Mummy:
I want to be like Julio Franco and play until I'm 48. And if you want to do it, this [Athletes Performance Institute in Arizona] is the right place to come. It feels much better when you work with people who know what you're doing. I love it. I'm going to come here every year.
Now, I know that a few years ago, Manny implied he'd be retiring after the 2007 season. Obviously, that is not happening. I like this storyline better. Another 11 or 12 seasons of Manny sounds like fun. I'm in no way, shape or form ready to say goodbye.

Ramirez says he'll be in Fort Myers on February 21.

Thanks to YFSF.


9casey said...

Jesus, I love Manny , but he ain't all that quick is he.....Like to see him go toe to toe with a-rod this year and battle him for the MVP....

Patrick said...

...or toe to toe with Ortiz.

Patriots Film said...

I imagine he would be quite happy with a shift to DH in a few years. Not with us, in all probability, but i can think of quite a few teams that would LOVE to have him.