February 28, 2008

Papi Arrives In Style


More White House pix from DC and Anna at Jere's blog.


L-girl said...

That is so cute!

Drew said...

I am so very glad that you posted our pictures here, too ... because everyone wandered away after the ceremony and there were very few of us who left the South Lawn, went around to the front gate to see what there was to see, only to be greeted by -- THIS! Oh it was so much more hilarious than it looks.

And it looks pretty funny, doesn't it? Oh, Papi was pumping his fist in the air and flashing peace / V / victory signs to all of us (sorry we did not catch that in the photo) and just clearly being his giddy self. Pardon the cliche, but the man is just so authentic.

Unfortunately, camcorders were prohibited at the ceremony, so we have only still pictures. To see Ortiz and his driver zipping around and buzzing the buses while blipping the siren a few times as the other players soberly boarded the buses and then the buses slowly lined up to await an orderly departure to Walter Reed ... with Papi all the while grinning ear to ear and squeezed into the sidecar with a helmet squeezed onto his head and a leather jacket around him?


(In case it is not obvious, D.C. is me and I am a non-blogger who is a regular reader / rare commenter here, as well.)

Patrick said...

This must have made papers in Japan, yes? I would think it a big deal that only a year removed, Dice is already shaking hands with the president.

tim said...

That is howls! AWESOME! I love papi, always hammin it up!