March 6, 2004

Ain't That A Pisser! Mets outfielders Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer allegedly were involved in a drunken altercation Thursday night that began when Garcia was caught urinating in a parking lot." Two teenagers described a drunken Garcia "stumbling" out of Duffy's, a sports bar adjacent to Big Apple Pizza, and then urinating directly in front of the pizzeria. It gets better.

Jacklamabe65 has posted "Tony Conigliaro Forty Years Later: A Remembrance" at Sons of Sam Horn. ... Chris Kahrl doesn't like OPS. ... BDD: "WEEI-Yi-Yi! (The SoSHit Hits the Fans Again as Radio and Newspaper Guys Attempt to Figure Out the Internet)" ... With a headline like this -- "Senior citizens brawl after salad bar dispute" -- how can you not click? (Thanks to Top of the 9th)

Finally: You think Jimmy Breslin is pissed off? How's this for a first sentence? "In his first campaign commercial, George Bush reached down and molested the dead." Damn.

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